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Craig Tester Net Worth, Son, Wife, Age, Height, Wiki. The fans of History’s ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ television show know who is Craig Tester. Craig may have not gotten frequent screen time, but he is a producer on the show and hugely involved in the treasure hunt. Keep scrolling as we take a closer look at Craig’s career, personal life, involvement with Oak Island and net worth.

Craig Tester Net Worth – $2.5 Million Dollars

The estimated net worth of our ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ producer and occasional cast, Craig is on the hype lately.

While some sources claim the reality star Craig Tester is worth around $5 million dollars and others say it’s estimated at $2.5 million dollars. However, there is a reliable figure to his career earnings or net worth for now.

As evident it is, the success of the mentioned show has certainly added to his personal wealth, but Craig has degree/knowledge in mechanical engineering to thank for the significant financial gain.

Outside the show, he has teamed up in some businesses with Mary Lagina, including their Oak Island Tour Incorporated Company.

Craig Tester Wife – Rebecca Tester and Son


Craig Tester is in a long-term marriage with Rebecca Tester, mother of his three children. Married for over decades, Craig and Mrs. Tester are growing old together outside of the limelight and public eye.

Despite the uphill of Craig’s career in the showbiz, we can say that his marriage to Rebecca withstood the test of time, the pressure of fame and tragedy of their son.

Although there is no precise date to their wedding, the two made up for the handsome couple and has been longest with two grown-up children.

Having welcomed three beautiful children, big tragedy hit in the ‘Tester’ household back in 2017 when their son, Drake passed away in March 2017.

The regular viewers of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ might remember Craig’s son Drake, who appeared in season 3 of the show.

Unfortunately, the 16-year-old Drake died of a seizure disorder that he suffered from the time of his birth. 

Craig Tester Age – How old is The Curse of Oak Island Star?

Craig Tester’s Age and his date of birth is still hidden. His images and pictures suggest he might be in his late fifties. We will update you once this information is revealed.

Craig Tester Bio and Wiki

Craig Tester is a mechanical engineer and expertise in resistivity and drilling, so his contribution to the mentioned show and its treasure hunt is quite huge. Plus, he has been impactful in researching, planning and locating new dig projects on ‘Oak Island’.

Hailing from Glendale, California, he earned his degree in engineering from the Delta Upsilon College, where he befriended with his future business partner, Mary Lagina, who is a regular appearance on ‘The Curse of Oak Island.

In his youth, Craig wrestled for some time and had participated in few competitions, but, later emerged out as a businessman, eventually starting an oil business with Lagina. As Craig’s brief biography is readable on a few sites including ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ official site, yet he doesn’t have his profile on Wikipedia.

How tall is Craig Tester? Details on His Height and Body Stats

Craig is an attractive old-aged man with charisma, tough deposition, and undeniable athletic skill. He is quite a charmer, who is literally defying his old-aged game with his rugged handsomeness, on-going enthusiasm, and downright cuteness.

Probably one of the best good-looking cast on the show; he has been mesmerizing us with his treasure hunting skill and entrepreneurship.

Although there is no concert measure to his body, he seems to one fit man with a perfectly toned physique, tall height, and balanced body weight.