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Corinne Massiah Age: Corinne Massiah, age 16 paved her way to stardom through ABC’s much-anticipated soap opera ‘Mistresses’ in 2013. The promising actress has since then reached a landmark landing significant roles in highly talked about television series in the years. Her recent TV project is Fox popular police procedural drama series ‘9-1-1’ starring veteran artist like Angela Bassett and Peter Krause.

Corinne Massiah Wikipedia

Corinne Massiah terrific performance as Lucy in ‘Mistresses’ may have long gone but the young actress is back in the television screen with her take on yet another character named May Grant in ‘9-1-1’.

Premiered in early 2018 on Fox, the procedural series especially her unbelievable performance as May has already become people’s favorite watched by millions all around the world.

But despite the growing fame and status of Corinne, she still hasn’t got her own wiki page that vociferously enunciates her career achievements and significant work.

But looking her career graph and conviction to take on more and more challenging and dynamic roles has her fans ensured that the day isn’t long when she will have her own Wikipedia just like any elite stars in Hollywood.

Does Corinne Massiah have a Boyfriend?


With just age 16, it’s mind-boggling how Corinne has kept herself so calm and committed that just reflects on her work in the screen.

Practically one of the youngest and most talented actresses in the industry today, she just wows the audience every time comes with the new role. No doubt, everyone loves her but it’s clearly more guys that have a secret crush in the rising star.

But it seems like Corinne doesn’t care about it at all as she is still pretty much single enjoying an untroubled life. And the best of all she kinds of likes her life the way it is with no trepidation and stress of breakup and infidelity.

Currently busy filming her TV series and working on upcoming projects, Corinne Maash is definitely not interested in having a boyfriend anytime soon.

9-1-1 Actress Corinne Massiah Parents & Family

The on-screen daughter of Rochelle Aytes in ‘Mistresses’, Corinne Massiah was born and brought up in the Greater Los Angeles region of California.

Trying to keep her personal life as low key as possible, Massiah hasn’t spoken much about her parents and family but she loves them a lot. She also has a twin who looks a lot like the actress but hasn’t spoken about her lately.

Driven by acting since age 8, Corinne has done a lot of television commercials and ad campaign before transitioned towards show business and started acting professionally.

Corinne Massiah Height Stats

An absolutely stunning and versatile teenage actress Corinne Massiah is so gorgeous and delightful that people can’t take eyes off her.

With an attractive height of 5 feet 5 inches for age 16 and dreamy looks that just can’t be overlooked, Corinne no doubt makes a ravishing beauty.

With brunette skin complexion, sleek black locks, sharp cheekbone, and sweet smile, she looks no less than any Hollywood diva which is impossible to have in any teenage at her 16.