Who Is Cooper Handy From The Runner? 

Cooper Handy is among the musicians with the break-out performances in The Runner. 

The story revolves around a strange woman who travels to a secluded rural town where her violent compulsions reveal slowly.

The Runner features other musicians like Kris Esfandiari (King Woman) and performance artist Sigrid Lauren (FlucT).

The Runner: Cooper Handy Age 

Born in 1994, Cooper is a 27-year-old young lad. He is a musician plus a food service worker in western Massachusetts.

He has not revealed the identity of his parents, siblings, or other family members. Neither has he mentioned them on social media.

Hence, all of it remains obscure until he talks about it.

Explore His Wiki

He is unavailable on Wikipedia and so on other online portals. 

There are very few such sources that give details about Lucy. Furthermore, some are available to make him familiar with interviews

Similarly, social media helps if you want to explore his social media life.  

Cooper Handy Parents Revealed

There are no details regarding his parents. He has never spoken about them on and off the camera. 

Loads of pictures on his Instagram but, not a single one is of his parents.

Cooper Handy Ethnicity Revealed

Yet another unexplored part of his life is his ethnicity. Neither has he spoken about it. 

He looks like White but, assuming based on appearance can be absurd. 

Meet His Girlfriend

There are no details for his current or past relationships. Even his social media does not speak in favor of his dating life.

Hence, until he posts anything related to his partner or gives voice to his status, there remains no other way to explore it.