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Cooper Burbank Height: 1.90 m, College, Chinle Wildcats, Recruiting
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On August 2, 2019, a series based on basketball released. It is Netflix’s non-scripted reality TV show that shows the story of Chinle High School’s basketball players. The series is filmed in Chinle, Arizona. Oops, I forgot to say its name.  This 2019’s Netflix’s series name is Basketball or Nothing. Additionally, it released with 6 episodes on August 2. Cooper Burbank is related to this series. Read further to know how he became a cast of Basketball or Nothing.

Cooper Burbank Height (1.90m)

Cooper Burbank stands tall with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches which is 1.90 m. Additionally, he weighs 75 kg (165 pounds). His height is a beneficial factor for him in his basketball career.

He looks handsome with his dark brown colored hair and eye. Cooper has a perfect height that suits his physique. He looks handsome and stunning undoubtedly.

Cooper Burbank’s College (Chinle High School)


There are very few parents who move to another city just for their children’s good education.

Cooper Burbank joined Chinle High School just because of his parents. His father’s name is Darrick Burbank and his mother’s name is Joni Burbank.

Professionally, his father is a custodian and his mother is a teacher. Both of them worked at a local elementary school. Cooper also studied at the same school which had only 108 students.

After some years, his parents wanted to give a better academic environment. So, they shifted to Chinle, Arizona.

There Cooper joined Chinle High School. After joining there, he also explored himself as a skilled basketball player. Chinle provided him the right opportunities. He rose as a star basketball prospect from this high school.

Probably, he will graduate from college in 2020.

Cooper Burbank’s Wiki (Chinle Wildcats)

Wiki hints, Cooper Burbank was born in the year 2002. However, his birthdate isn’t yet available on the media outlets. He is currently 17 years old. Recently, he came to limelight because of Netflix’s series Basketball or Nothing. Additionally, Cooper is also famous as the youngest captain of Chinle Wildcats.

Furthermore, when he joined the basketball team he was a sophomore. He developed his skills and game-style impressively. Now, he is the captain of the team. Cooper was the youngest player of the team when he first joined.

In Basketball or Nothing, Chinle High School’s boys’ journey to win the State Championship is shown beautifully. The series basically is focused on Coach Raul Mendoza and his efforts to make the team champions.

Cooper is from a small town of Red Mesa, Arizona. But, this young player has big dreams. He also talked about his dream to become a Division I player in the series. He had an interest in basketball from his childhood. His inspirations are Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

Over the years, he sharpened his game techniques and became the sophomore caption of Chile Wildcats. Undoubtedly he has a bright future in this field.

Cooper’s Recruiting

There is a recruiting profile of Cooper Burbank on His recruitment profile consists of his basic gameplay details and some of his personal details.