Who is Timomatic New Girlfriend Constantina Valavanis? Meet Her On Instagram

Constantina Valavanis Timomatic Girlfriend Age, Height And Instagram

Constantina Valavanis, who is known for Australian singer Timomatic’s girlfriend, is a hat designer. Learn more about her in this article

Constantia Valavanis, also known as Nadia, is a BS Seven(BSVII) designer; she is the woman behind the hats, which has been developed over many years of passion in the craft of design.

Her hats are a creative symbol of different purpose and meaning derived from one’s unique personality; every hat she creates come with a story.

According to her, “The biggest thrill is working with the customer to create a hat that becomes an extension of their personality,” she explains. She crafts Hat with her own hand.

Constantina Valavanis Relationship

Constantina Valavanis has confirmed his relationship with his new boyfriend, Timomatic, on Instagram.

She shared a picture of cuddling on Media.

Timomatic is a Nigerian-born Australian singer, songwriter, and dancer who fame as a contestant on “So you Think You Can Dance” in 2009.

Constantina Valavanis Age: How Old Is She

Constantina’s age is unknown.

By looking at her photos, we can assume she is in her 20s.

She has not disclosed her date of birth on the internet. Her height is also unknown.

Constantina has not provided information regarding her parents and family members yet.

Her passion for designing was from her early age; she moved to Australia from Greece to gained a fashion designer. Now she crafts each BSVII hat by hand in her workshop in Sydney, Australia.

Meet Her On Instagram

Constantina is active on Instagram under the username(nadia7v).

She has gained 1700 followers and 400 pushed-up posts to date; she mostly shares art-type posts on her Instagram.

Constantina Net Worth

The net worth of Constantina has not been disclosed yet to the media.

Know for Famous and popular brand BS Seven(BSVII) hat; she has a lot of positive increment in her earning.