Connor Betts Ethnicity, Father, Mom, Parents (Ohio Shooting Suspects) Family, Wiki, Age

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Connor Betts Ethnicity, Father, Mom, Parents (Ohio Shooting Suspects) Family, Wiki, Age

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Connor Betts is a primary suspect in Dayton shooting. There have been 3 mass shooting cases in the United States this week. Similarly, the Ohio shooting was the second one in 24 hours after EL Paso shooting.

The Dayton shooting took place in Dayton, Ohio in front of a popular bar and restaurant. The series of such terror and incidents have left people terrified and panic.

The growing panics has cast a serious question over the unity of people. El Paso shooting was concerned with racism and feeling of hatred but the motive for the Dayton incident is unknown.

Here’s all you need to know about the suspect of the shooting, his parents, family, wiki, and age.

What is Dayton shooting?

On August 5, 2019, around 1 A.M, There was a string of gunshots and lots of people running away. The incident happened in front of a bar in Dayton, Ohio.

Apparently, it was Connor Betts with a 223-caliber high-capacity rifle with drum magazines of 100-round.

Connor arrived in the scene with his sister and her companion and eventually they separated and he went towards the bar alone. The security didn’t allow him to enter the bar.

Afterward, he took out a rifle and started an open fire. The situation was horrifying with people running around for life. Consequently, 9 people died on the spot with reported 27 injured rushed into the nearest hospital. in fact, one of those victims was his own sister. Although he may not have targeted her, she was a consequence. Likewise, her companion was left severely injured.

The open fire lasted for about 30 seconds and police reported to the spot within that time. As the situation was out of control, the Department shot at Betts which lead to his death. All the names of the 9 victims are released by the press.

Witnesses claim that the suspect was wearing all black with a body-armor and a mask. Likewise, Six officers reported to the scene firing rounds. They even claim that casualties might be larger had they not shot him.

Connor Betts Wiki

Connor Betts doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Well, it’s irony if someone cruel like that would be popular for good deeds. Whereas, the Department suspects he had a Twitter account but is suspended recently.

Moreover, he also had a LinkedIn account which describes his profession and workplace. As per his account, he worked as a crew member at Chiptole Mexican Grill, Centerville, Ohio since 2017. Likewise, he describes himself as a quick learner, overachiever and good under pressure. Well, his activities didn’t show any positive views.

Since his childhood and school days, he was aggressive and his classmate also posted regarding the matter on Twitter.

Connor Betts Ethnicity, Father, Mom, Parents (Ohio Shooting Suspects) Family, Wiki, Age
Connor Betts Ethnicity, Father, Mom, Parents (Ohio Shooting Suspects) Family, Wiki, Age

Family – Parents(Father, Mom)

Despite hitting the web last 24 hours, there is not much public information available about Connor Betts. His family information is not available for now.

Nonetheless, his sister Megan Betts who was a tour guide also became a victim.

What is Connor Betts ethnicity?

Connor Betts was a native from Ohio so his ethnicity was American. As per reports, there was no motive of any racism and hatred in the attack.

What is Connor Betts age?

He was 24 years old as of 2019.