Is Conchita Martinez Gay? Details on Her Girlfriend, Spouse and Married Life

Is Conchita Martinez Gay? Details on Her Girlfriend, Spouse and Married Life

Born as Inmaculada Concepción “Conchita” Martínez Bernat, Conchita Martinez is a former professional tennis player. Importantly, one of her biggest achievements is winning women’s singles title at Wimbledon, back in 1994.

In fact, after getting retirement from tennis in 2006, she is now a tennis coach and a sports channel commentator. Mostly, she is in Direct TV Latin America and some Spanish Sports channel as a commentator.

In the same way, right now she is in the media for teaming up with the former WTA champion Garbiñe Muguruza. Muguruza and Martinez will be honored and teaming up in the upcoming season of International Tennis Hall of Fame.

However, in the announcement, Conchita mentions Garbiñe and her relationship as a celebrity relationship as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Is Conchita Martinez Gay? Details on Her Girlfriend, Spouse, and Married Life

Many have been wondering if Conchita Martinez is gay. In fact, Conchita is openly a lesbian.

In the same way, Martinez has had a past affair with girlfriend Gigi Fernandez. Likewise, the lesbian couple lived together in Puerto Rico for some time.

However, due to some reason, Gigi and Conchita broke up. Later, Gigi married her husband Jane Gaddes and now is a parent to twins.

Similarly going into Conchita’s spouse, Conchita is unmarried until today and has not been in a relationship. Also, she is not in the headlines for dating someone. Possibly in the days to come, beautiful Conchita might be in a relationship with someone and starting a new life.

Conchita Martinez Shocking Announcement in 2020

On 27 January 2020, in the announcement of International Tennis Hall of Frame, Conchita Martinez and Garbiñe Muguruza are paired up for the upcoming 2020 season.

Not only that, in the announcement Conchita mentions her relationship with Garbiñe as the relationship between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

This particular statement by her made many many to think about it. Previously Conchita served as a coach to Garbiñe. Maybe, they might have shared some close bond with each other.

However, it is yet to come to the public about the relationship they share. To add to this, Conchita has posted a couple of pictures with Garbiñe Muguruza. This makes it pretty much confirmed that there might be something between them.

Conchita Martinez Wiki

Spanish Tennis player, Conchita was born on 1972, April 16 as per her Wiki page. Also, her full birth name is Inmaculada Concepción “Conchita” Martínez Bernat. 

At the very young age of 16, Conchita professionally started her career in tennis. In addition to that, she has won many medals and achievements in her career.

After she got retirement from tennis in 2006, she still gave tennis coaching to people and started her own thing in tennis. Importantly, she is the captain of the Spanish Fed Cup Team.

Right now, she has her own website on which she has included almost everything related to her.

Net Worth of Tennis Player Conchita

Conchita Martinez’s net worth in 2020 ranges $20 million dollars. 

Likewise, she has many big and small achievements in tennis. It is sure that she has earned a nice amount of money from her professional tennis career.

Conchita Martinez Height

The exact height of Conchita as per Wikipedia is 5 feet 8 inches (1.72m).

What’s New on Martinez Twitter Account?

Conchita Martinez’s official Twitter account has more than 42 thousand followers.

Additionally, we can see a number of congratulations posts on her account for her being Hall of Famer in 2020. Besides that, in the bio section, she attaches the link to her official website.