Colt Prattes Wife Angelina Mullins:: Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram 2019

Colt Prattes is a famous actor. Similarly, he is the husband of model Angelina Mullins.

Who is Colt Prattes?

The American actor Colt Prattes is a dancer, writer as well as a stuntman. He is a multi-talented person and famous as a total package. His career beginning was as a dancer.

Similarly, he is writer for the freshly-launched blog called New Age Gents. It is a men’s lifestyle blog. In the year 2017, he became popular as an actor. He started getting recognition as he starred in the ABC remake of Dirty Dancing.

His role was of Johnny Castle. His other movies include Wiener and Winer. Also, he is in the movie A Snow White Christmas.

Colt Prattes Wife Angelina Mullins


Colt is a married man. He married actress Angelina Mullins. They engaged in the year 2011. On 28th December 2013, after a few years, they finally married.

Also, they are the parents of two children. They have a daughter named Elias and a son named Levi Prattes. Not only that, they have two dogs which they love immensely.

It seems like they are a happy couple. There is no news of any problem in their marriage. They have been sticking together with each other after almost 5 years of marriage.

Likewise, they have set a perfect example of how a married couple should be. His wife Angelina is a model America Champion.

She has appeared in the TV series in the year 2012. The TV series was “Smash”. There is no much information revealed about her yet.

Also, the married couple is seen together many times in public. They look like they are spending a cozy time together.

Colt Prattes’s Net worth

The net worth of Colt is almost $1 million. He might earn a huge amount of money from his acting and another career. But he has not revealed the exact amount of his salary.

Likewise, he believed in living a luxurious life. Also, his model wife has the net worth of $1 million. They are living a luxurious life together. There is no much known about their earnings.

Colt and Spouse Angelina don’t have their Wikipedia profile

Being an actor he has worked in a few movies. But he still has a long way to go. After his first acting work, he became popular. He does not have Wikipedia yet.

He has more hard work to do so that there will be his Wikipedia like other actor and actresses. His wife Angelina is also a famous actress, model, and dancer.

However, she does not have Wikipedia either. The celebrity couple has a long way to go to achieve more success. But their information can be gained from various sites.

Colt’s Instagram in 2019

Now talking about social media i.e. Instagram, he has around 59k followers. From his Instagram, it is known that he is into physical fitness and workouts.

In his Instagram, he has posted many pictures showing his fit body. Likewise, the posts workout videos and pictures. Also, he is a foodie. He is a traveling artist.

On his Instagram, he has posted a picture with his children also.

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