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Colt Johnson Net Worth: American reality star Colt Johnson has been no stranger to the audience particularly since last few years.

Made onscreen debut with TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé’, Colt became an overnight sensation with the reality show. But understandably it was his tainted relationship with estranged wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima that had people talking again and again.

Essentially now, he has become paparazzo’s favorite child that incessantly brings Colt into the public eye while scores him a lucrative deal.

Living the most out of the reality show, Johnson surely has boosted his net worth over the years. However, the actual amount he raked through the show is still under review.

90 Day Fiancé Colt Johnson Job

Be it on screen or off, Colt Johnson has always relished a low-key profile. Regardless of the celebrity status, he never bragged about his riches splurging large on pricey goodies and lavish items.

Colt, 33, who lived in with his mom Debbie Johnson all his life isn’t a high-roller.

With his job as a software engineer at Konami Gaming, Colt Johnson undoubtedly has hoarded a gigantic net worth.

Nonetheless, the star has never spent exaggeratedly except when he bought a sparkling engagement ring for future wife Larissa.

Colt Johnson Weight Loss


After his nasty split from estranged wife Larissa, Colt Johnson has turned to the gym to stay hearty and healthy.

The ‘90 Day Fiancé’ star has, in fact, got himself a personal fitness instructor to help him with routine exercise and fitness regimen.

It was just a while ago when he looked muddled and jagged and in no time Colt is back to his best self.

The 33-years-old reality star Colt Johnson has already lost tons of weight with a string of hardcore exercise to stay in shape.

To maintain a ripped physique with a chiseled chest and masculine biceps, Johnson is working on-hand of his personal trainer, Lexi.

Despite busy career and bungled marital life, Colt takes time to hit the gym and work on his planned exercise.

What does Colt Johnson do for a living?

Although rose to fame with TLC’s reality series ’90 Day Fiancé’, Colt Johnson is professionally a software engineer. As per multiple social media outlets, Colt serves Konami Gaming for financial support and to make his living.

And now, since he has officially split from wife Larissa Dos Santos, Johnson doesn’t have to look after her expenses.

He and Larissa had tied the knot in mid-2018 but following irreconcilable differences and spat, the couple separated just months later.

The couple marriage came to an end just a day after Larissa got arrested the third time for domestic violence. Before, the Brazilian beauty was detained twice for domestic sadism and physical abuse.

She was taken in charge from their resident at Clark County, Nevada after brutally smacking Colt before leaving him injured.

It is reported that the ex-couple agreed to separate amicably after lots of disagreement. Following their short-lived marriage, neither party received spousal support.

While Larissa has already moved on in her life with a new Italian boyfriend, Eric Nichols, Colt is still, living a single life. Lima had recently revealed that she has two kids back at home in Brazil.