Collapse of suspension bridge in Colombia killed ten workers and left several injured

The collapse of a partially-constructed bridge near Bogota in Colombia killed ten workers. Nine people died on the spot while one in the hospital. It is reported that several other workers were injured in the accident.

As per Colombian Civil Defense, this misfortune happened when the construction work was on process. The main reason behind the collapse is under investigation. Many rescue and search programs are ongoing.

“We are still working to verify the total number of people who were working at the time”, stated Colombian Civil Defense as per CNN.     

The 446 meters long bridge, named Chirajara, located in the city of Villavicencio, was not made open for public purpose yet. It was constructed as a part of the highway in order to connect the city of Villavicencio to the capital city Bogota, as per the National Infrastructure Agency.

One part of the suspended bridge broke down completely falling deep down the canyon while the other is still quite safe.

After the devastating incident, President Juan Manuel Santos tweeted: “All my solidarity with the relatives of the victims.”

Being concerned about the loss, the Transportation Minister German Cardona quickly reached the site to investigate over the collapsed area. He also went to the rescue team with, the head of National Infrastructure Agency, Dimitri Zaninovich for further inquiry.