If you are interested in music, you probably must be interested to know the life elements of singers and their family members who are into music too.

Likewise, you may also be interested to get knowledge about every element of Cole Cook’s life. A familiar personality, and sibling of widely known singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys.

I know this information is not enough to fulfill answers for the questions running in your mind so, keep scrolling to know more about Cole Cook.

Cole Cook Age (28 years old)

Cole Cook is currently in his late 20’s. Being more definite, Cole is 28 years old as of 2019.

In addition, the birth sign of Cole Cook is Aries.

Cole Cook (Alicia Keys Brother)


Born on 24th of March, 1991, Cole cook is known amongst many people as the younger half-brother of Alicia Augello Cook.

They were born to Craig Cook, their father.

As a matter of fact, Cole cook’s mother name is Susan Cook and Alicia Cook’s Mother name is Terria Joseph. Yeah, they have a different mother.

Alicia Keys, an American songwriter plus singer, record producer, actress as well as philanthropist have found her fame broadly in the entertainment world.

Her popularity gave stardom to her half-brother Cole Cook as well.

Cole Cook Wiki

As per Wiki pages, Cole Cook was born and brought up in the United States. He completed his studies in states. Since childhood, Cole liked to sing songs and learn music.

His sister had found fame at the age of 15 in the musical world. Cole also tried harder to make his name famous in the entertainment world.

It was never compulsory for him to pursue music. He pursued music following his own interest in music.

As a matter of fact, Cole Cook was always interested in music. He is not as popular as much as Alicia Keys in the entertainment world.

But we can’t deny that he is rising as a singer following his beautiful and talented singer sister’s footsteps.

It’s very hard to get a hold of Cole Cook’s professional or personal life as he doesn’t’ have a Wikipedia page.

Maybe he wants to stay low profile about his career for now that he hasn’t shared much about his profession on other news portals as well.

However, according to some sources, Cole Cook is currently working to increase the graph of his career alongside Swizz Beatz, his brother-in-law.

According to his photo on Instagram on March 5, 2016, Cole also worked for DMX, a rapper.

Talking about Instagram, Cole Cook is also active on Instagram and shows some of his true self elements. He has 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Is Cole Cook Dating Girlfriend Emma Watson?

If it is the question running through your mind all around then your wait is over. We have found from a trusted site, Dailymail.com that Cole Cook is in a romantic relationship with Emma Watson.

Cole Cook and gorgeous actress of ‘Beauty and The Beast’, Emma Watson was seen together at The Spotted Pig Restaurant in New York.

The couple is in a love relationship and seems to be quite happy with each other.

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