CLYPSO Real Name And Instagram: 10 Facts To Know

CLYPSO is a relatively underground indie musical artist based in Sydney. She specializes in production and vocals and mostly makes dance and electronic music. 

With a unique music style and a following of 2.3k on Instagram and 257 on Twitter, CLYPSO is slowly sweeping her way into the glitch music scene. Here are 10 interesting facts about the artist to get you going.

Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Musical Artist
Married/Single Single
Instagram @clypsoishere
Twitter @clypsoishere
Youtube Clypso Is Here
Facebook @clypsoishere

10 Interesting Facts About CLYPSO:

  1. CLYPSO doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. In the absence of one, CLYPSO’s age and other details are unknown.
  2. CLYPSO hasn’t revealed her real name to her audience.
  3. 2,387 people follow CLYPSO on Instagram currently. She follows 447 people on the social media platform. Her posts usually contain a plethora of eye-catching colors and are fun to go through.
  4. The fun glitch artist is somewhat underground and doesn’t make millions from her music yet. CLYPSO’s net worth is currently unknown and is still under review.
  5. She calls her music “troppo-chilli-flakes.” The music is a blend of her screaming and spaced-out beats coupled with gnarly baselines.
  6. Her most recent single, “Storm,” has amassed over 700 streams on Soundcloud. Similarly, her EP titled “CAMEO” has over 6k streams on Soundcloud. Her music is also available on Spotify and iTunes.
  7. CLYPSO currently has 495 subscribers on YouTube. The singer’s most viewed song on YouTube is titled “Sidestep.” The song has amassed over 31k views as of February of 2021.
  8. CLYPSO likes to make music as she finds it addictive, and she loves it when musical ideas pop out of thin air.
  9. In an interview, CLYPSO stated that she would play the track ‘Don’t Want‘ to make someone cry and the track ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me‘ to cheer someone up.
  10. CLYPSO will be performing as a supporting act for the band The Avalanches on the 23rd of April in Melbourne. The show will take place at Sidney Myer Music Bowl.