10 Facts about Clodelle Lemay:

  1. Clodelle Lemay the most excellent model and the most passionate actress. Her Instagram profile can be explored by '@clodelle' where there are followers of more than 32.4k. 
  2. As she was born in the year, 1994, June 12. Clodelle Lemay is 26 years old by her age according to the @listal.
  3. When it comes to her boyfriend, Clodelle Lemay is now in a relationship with the finest singer, Claude Bégin.
  4. Her personal wiki-bio is missing from the web. But many news sources have reported up her stories as a topic for gossips and all.
  5. Not sure but she is probably a Canadian by her nationality.
  6. For a model, the most essential part becomes the height and the physical appearance. And speaking of Clodelle Lemay she stands at 5'9" which is just more than excellent.
  7. Both the couple are in the industry of music and films. So, we can say that their sum up and net worth gets more than adequate.
  8. So many stunning photos can be inspected in accordance with their Instagram profile which includes lots of fan base.
  9. Clodelle also entrusts her pen to write a biographical novel about her father and also a little bit about the cinema.
  10. Clodelle Lemay acted as a lead model, in several of the music videos by her companion with a back to back hit.