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Cleetus McFarland isn’t actually a name of the real person! It is, however, an extremely entertaining YouTube channel presented by the charismatic Garrett Mitchell. Becoming an online phenomenon under the moniker Cleetus McFarland wasn’t always Garrett’s plan, but it turned out something so big that he never could have imagined! Keep scrolling to know more about the car guy!

Who is Garrett Mitchell? How He Virally Became Cleetus McFarland?

A true Omaha, Nebraska born-and-bred, Garrett has always been the car enthusiast. Having introduced to the automobile by his dad, his dream took shape after a random encounter with famous Chase Lautenbach (the co-owner of Street Care Takeover’ when Garrett was only 15.

And, that led to the start of a dream for Garrett and handling Kyle Loftis’ company Instagram get him started. He worked on that for nearly 2-years, creating and managing the accounts. And, out of nowhere, he was offered a full-time job to handle all of the social media for ‘1320Video’.

Gaining enough experience and exposure, he embarked on a solo career as a YouTuber and becoming ‘Cleetus McFarland’ was by far a pure accident.  Instead, he decided to run it and make something out of it.

And, once his channel started to grow, he began seeking for a project car. Soon, within few years, video after video, the channel gained steady success and Garrett Mitchell virally became ‘Cleetus McFarland’. To get updates on Cleetus McFarland give a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Is Garrett Mitchell Dating? Details on his Girlfriend and Love Life

YouTuber Garrett Mitchell is a popular ‘car-guy’ with huge social media presence. And, if you just happen to follow him on Instagram or other networking sites, you may know that Garret is currently single.

Head-over-heels with his car collection, he is a young, handsome man, who hasn’t done much dating in the public eye. He seems quite happy being single, and we totally get it why he might not be seeking for a relationship anytime soon—he is far too busy making ‘1320Videos’ and probably working on his next big projects.

 Born in 1995, this April-baby is one of the sexiest dateable YouTuber around. His style, those sexy good looks, that swagger, towering height, and well-sculpted physique—are few of his qualities. Plus—we find it tough to resist that husky voice and mysterious smile!  

On top of managing multiple social media profile, helping build up 1320Videos, and making YouTube contents and traveling around the United States to meet fans, this alum mater of University of Nebraska a law student at Creighton University, specializing in street racing. He currently lives in beautiful Tampa, Florida!

How Much Money Garrett Mitchell Makes on YouTube – Net Worth

Garrett Mitchell is a popular YouTuber, who owns and operate million-worth channel, ‘Cleetus McFarland’. Known for his content that is mainly about cars, racing, modifications and anything related to automotive, he is a star, who seems perpetually on the rise.

The channel ‘Cleetus McFarland’, which was started as a joke, has made Garrett a rich man with an estimated net worth of $800,000. With over $1.5 million subscribers on his channel and nearly half a million on Instagram, this online personality makes more income through doing sponsorships and brand deals like Mountain Dew.

His dedication to the car has led to open a shop that itself is always full of energy and projects! And, before starting his own YouTube Channel, he was a social media manager at ‘1320Video’ owned by Kyle Loftis.