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Clauvino Da Silva Daughter, age, Dresses Up, Age, Height, Parents, Wiki
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Clauvino Da Silva should star in the next series named Prison Break- the parody version. Because what he did to escape from the prison is part daring, part foolish and part funny as hell. Clauvino for all you oblivious souls out here is currently inside the prison in Brazil.

He had planned to escape the prison and he had just the perfect plan. Well, perfect or not, you tell because it was dumb. But the man tried his best. Da Silva dressed up as his teenage daughter at the time of her daughter’s visitation and tried to get out of the prison. His plan was unsuccessful.

Now, there are hundreds of memes and articles on his name. But you don’t wanna be fooled by this silly news. He’s actually a gang leader and a very violent convict who deserves years inside the prison.

Clauvino Da Silva daughter Age 19 years old

According to some sites, Clauvino’s daughter is currently 19 years of age. His daughter actually is very beautiful and looks very young as all 19-year-olds do. But Clauvino is 42.

So, you can imagine where the plans of his escape failed. The smooth-skinned, long-haired young 19-year-old daughter. And my man Clauvino tried to replicate her dressing with his rough skin(maybe scarred with few gang fights) and girly clothes on that humungous body. But the effort was funny and worth the try I guess.

Clauvino Da Silva Height – nicknamed Shorty


There is no detail regarding Clauvino’s height on the internet. He is ‘shorty’ to all his closest friends.  That’s his nickname as So, I am guessing he was short.

I think he might have been shorter than 6 feet obviously but maybe around 5.5 feet but it doesn’t matter guys.

Although his height seems to be small, his crimes know no bounds.

He is a leader of Brazil’s one of the most dangerous gang that controlled drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Clauvino Da Silva Parents

Clauvino Da Silva maybe did not have ideal parents growing up. As they say, man is a product of nature and nurture both, he might have gotten bad nurture in his life. But without dragging this too much, we don’t have any info about his parents.

Regarding his daughter, we don’t know who her mother is either. Clauvino was actually planning to leave her daughter inside the jail.

He might be cold-hearted to not care for his daughter. Or maybe it was a fair assumption that police would not do anything to innocent 19-year-old.

Clauvino Da Silva Wiki

Clauvino Da Silva was the part of the commander of the what is known as ‘the Red Command‘ the criminal group known for controlling drug flow in Rio de Janeiro city.

He’s done many heinous crimes and after this escape attempt, he will be in a high-security prison. Good news I guess.

News such as these is funny when you hear them. But the problem we need to focus on is this state of crime that needs to be eradicated. He deserves to be inside the jail for his crimes.