Claire Rawle Husband: Who Is She Married To? 

Claire Rawle's husband is not known yet, and she seems to be single as none of the posts on Twitter includes her husband or children. However, she is petting dogs who she adores a lot.

He is in Appledore Gig Club and was 3rd in the Scilly world championships in 2018.

She has a little brother in her family who she calls brilliant. She often posts about his achievements on her social media.

Flog It Presenter Claire Rawle Age: How Old Is She?

Claire Rawle's exact age is unknown. But her grey hair and mature face make us guess her age to be around 60 years. 

She has worked as an assistant in the collector's department from an early age. For the first time, she worked in antique objects as a salesperson in Sotheby's in Torquay.

Likewise, she manages auction houses in Taunton and Somerset in her extra time.

Claire Rawle Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Claire Rawle's net worth is not revealed yet. But we know that PaulMartin from Flog earned £150,000-199,000 for the daytime show. 

Her income might have been somewhere near these numbers.

Anyways, she is a person who loves nature rather than a luxury. Supporting farmers and animals has been her purpose in life at the moment. Her dogs are an incredible part of her life. 

Claire Rawle On Wikipedia And Instagram

Claire Rawle is neither on Wikipedia nor on Instagram. But she seems to be busy in her tweets.  

And there's no doubt that she is one of the great fans of cricket. She supports Somerset.