Cindy Luna Age (The Inbetween) Wiki, Height, Married, Husband, Bio

Cindy Luna Age (The Inbetween) Wiki, Height, Married, Husband, Bio

Debut Actor as Maria Salinas of NBC’s new paranormal drama “In Between” Cindy Luna had got her way on Hollywood. Eventually, she started her career by modeling in her early teens and later she progressed acting in TV dramas.

Although she was born in Miami, the United States of America on 6th November her family heritage is back from Columbia.

Cindy Luna Age

As of 2019, Cindy Luna is 33 years old. She was born in 1986. However, her exact birthday is not available.

The IN Between:

Cindy, 33-year-old woman is famously known as an actor of Gang-related, Scapegoat and the Last Ship. Eventually, her character on In Between isn’t like any other character she has done before. There was an interview by Hidden remote, they questioned Cindy what part of Maria made you play the movie In Between.

Cindy replied saying”The link for me individually, as an actress was to see myself in a role like this where I would get an opportunity to play the role of a female detective.”

She is very amorous towards law, justice, and humans which became the first reason for Cindy playing the role of the detective. Cindy was super passionate about this character because one of her tutors had an institution named Justice Speaks. They fight for girls right, human trafficking. This is very close to Cindy’s heart and is very personal to her.

She is attracted to supernatural things and is a strong believer of God who calls herself ” The God’s Child”.

She had to start from level 1 to play on In Between. Clearly, the Last Script drew her to a completely different character. Playing as Conchita Barros for the Last ship, her role was manipulative wife. She got her husband to do what she wanted.

But for Maria in Tn Between its totally different. It is about doing the right thing, bringing justice, being logistic. She is manipulative here too but in a good way, she uses strategy but to save people and law.

Cindy Luna Height

Being an actress height plays an important role in Cindy’s Life. This aspiring actress stands an average height of 5 feet 5 inch.

Height builds up confidence, boldness and the power to conquer. Cindy looks beautiful and perfect. She is 63 kg.

Is Cindy Luna Married?

Cindy Luna is not married to date. Undoubtedly, her relationship status is not public. But her role of the detective on In-Between might have made her expert on hiding details of her relationship.

The detail about her relationship is going to inaugurate soon.


Undoubtedly, Cindy Luna is a family person because she likes to spend her most of the time with her sister and her nephew. Detective Cindy’s birth sign is Scorpio.

Clearly, American Actress has 8k followers on Instagram and 7k followers on Twitter. Her family heritage goes back to Columbia.

InBetween gave her a new life. Although, Being such a famous actress she likes to keep things personal.

Unfortunately, Her personal information has not bought to spotlight yet.

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