The very lovely and charming Cindy Fitzgibbon is a meteorologist currently working for FOX25. She joined the network back in 2002. She is the native from New Englander. Born in Virginia, Cindy was raised in Windham, Maine by her parents. She always had some strange inclination towards the profession she is in. Cindy has always planned on becoming a meteorologist ever since her sixth grade. She completed her graduation from Lyndon State College and majored in meteorology. She had carefully thought out her career plan and opted for the appropriate course that would help realize her dream.

She started her television job in Bismarck, North Dakota. She grew up loving weather changes. She finds weather forecasting challenging and fascinating too. Every other day, it’s a different challenge and she has always loved her work. She’s passionate about what she does and does it to the best of her ability. Because of her sincerity towards her work, she’s been nominated for one of the prestigious awards, Emmy for three times.

Cindy has been forecasting weather for like past seventeen years now. She’s got the most experience in the field which means. She began her career in meteorology right after her graduation.Soon after, she started working at Bismarck and then went on to work in Burlington, Vt. And Fort Myers, Fla and finally landed a grand opportunity to work with FOX25 since 2002. She’s been working with FOX for over a decade and she had remained loyal with her employers. She had covered the deadly tornadoes of June 2011, the devastating ice storm of December 2008, and Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. And the very humble and down to earth Cindy had covered over more than three hundred snowstorms in her career.

She’s got a charming personality. She’s not conventional gorgeous woman but she something different charismatic than other. She stands tall at five feet and seven inches. She’s got a great height indeed and she flaunts that advantage to the best of her use. The weather lover Cindy does not overlook the importance of her appearance. She cares about the clothes she wears and her grooming and all. She understands the responsibility of looking good since she is associated with television. She is always seen dressed elegantly. She wears outfits that are age and profession appropriate, something’s that showcases her curves and beautiful long legs in an elegant manner.

She is married and has a husband. However, his name is not known. She hardly comments about her personal life in the media. She successfully has retained low key about her personal affairs. She is the mother of two children who are aged seven and five according to the sources. She is living a great family life. She and her husband are happy in their relationship, so she might probably not divorce him.

She’s receiving a good amount of salary from her employers. She has had a tremendous amount of experience working in the field and continues to remain hard working in the profession. She actually is passionate about the weather forecast and that shows in her job. More information about her can be obtained from wiki and other sites relating her. She is also on twitter. Her fans and well wishers can follow her there to know more about her.

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