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Christy West Age, Wiki (DeMarcus Cousins Ex Girlfriend) Net Worth, Family
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Christy West and DeMarcus is a popular controversy. The ex-girlfriend of Demarcus Cousins filed a complaint to her boyfriend. And this drew the public attention to the topic. So here we have some information about Christy West.

Christy West Age: DeMarcus Cousins is 29 years old.

Christy’s age is not available for now. Her age and birthplace are still unrevealed. The fact that she was the girlfriend of Demarcus Cousins. But she is not much famous in the news.

She has come to the media’s attention only since her case. Additionally, from her latest pictures, her hair color is Blonde. And the eyes are brown.

Christy West Wiki


Christy is a young mother of Amir. She is a citizen of the United States and belongs to Alabama. She lives with her 7 years old son Amir. According to the Instagram pictures, Amir West is in his 2nd grade.

About Christy Education, she was a student at Vigor High School in Prichard, Alabama. And for her graduation, she joined Auburn University at Montgomery. She studied physical science. And she is currently living in Mobile, Alabama.

About Christy Relationships, Christy is one of the girlfriends of Demarcus Cousins. They had a baby together. His name is Amir West and is 7 years old. And, the Baby boy lives with his mother Christy.

On 23rd August, Christy filed a police complaint against her ex-boyfriend. Christy had a recording of his phone call in which he said that he was going to kill her.

Furthermore, the fight was about Amir not going to his father’s wedding.

The wedding of Demarcus and Morgan Lang was just a day after the case was filed. Demarcus being the father of Amir wanted his son to be at the wedding. But, Christy was not invited and was not ready to join the wedding too.

Moreover, There was no way she would let her 7 years old boy go to his father’s wedding with another woman alone.

DeMarcus Cousins Wiki

DeMarcus is an American basketball player signed for Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA league. He was born on 13th August 1990. As a matter of fact, he is nicknamed as Boogie.

About his career, he is the winner of the FIBA world cup and Rio Olympics. He played from his hometown at the age of 19. Additionally, His height was 6ft 9 inches at the moment. Now, he is 6ft 11inches and his weight is 122 kg.

Additionally, He played for Kentucky for a year. Furthermore, he got his big debut after his selection in Sacramento kings in 2010.

Then, he joined New Orleans Pelican for a year in 2017. Moreover, he joined the Golden State Warriors for 2018 till 2019. Recently, he joined Lakers in 2019.

As a matter of fact, he is the son of Monique and Jessie Cousins. He married Morgan Lang in Atlanta in 24th August 2019.

Christy West Boyfriend

Christy West’s boyfriend’s name is Jimmie Ward. Also, he is also a sportsperson and plays for San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL).

Christy West’s Net Worth

Christy’s net worth is not available for now.

Christy: Family

Christy’s family details are behind the bushes for now. She is likely to disclose the details in social media platforms. Additionally, she likes the movie Bad Boy. Also, Bet is her favorite channel.