Christopher Russell Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Height – Rob (Hallmark Channel Bio)

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Christopher Russell Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Height - Rob (Hallmark Channel Bio)

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There is an undeniable presence of multiple Canadian actors in Hollywood. While stars like Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and Jim Carrey have been common names in the entertainment world, some Canadian actors have not received the same level of stardom.

Among these relatively less-known names, Christopher Russell is one of them. So far, Russell has been part of more than 50 movies and television series.

However, due to his lack of involvement in major movie projects, Reynolds has been the guy who only gets small roles in television and big screen.

Here, we have collected all the major information that we can get our hands on regarding the Canadian actor.

Who is Christopher Russell’s Wife?

Christopher Russell is married to his wife whose details are not available. The pair previously dated for a brief amount of time.

According to reports, the pair began their relationship in 2004. Russell was just 21 years old at that time.

The couple has two children together. Their daughter was born on April 28, 2013, and their son was born on October 23, 2015.

Russell often shares pictures of his wife and his children on his Instagram account. Over the years, the family has traveled to various places. He also shares pictures of their travel on the social media platform.

Russell’s Net Worth

Details regarding Christopher Russell’s net worth is not available at present. This does not mean that he does not have his worth in millions.

Since he appeared in more than 50 movie and television projects so far, there is no doubt that he makes an adequate sum of money.

Almost all the actors in Hollywood have their net worth in millions. This probably still holds true for Russell as well.

Christopher Russell Age (36 Years)

Christopher Russell is 36 years of age. He celebrated his birthday on January 8. In addition, he hails from Toronto, Canada.

Christopher Russell’s Wiki

Christopher Russell does not have an official Wiki page. However, he has multiple fandom Wiki page of the shows that he has been part of.

He has the Supernatural and Memory Alpha fandom page.

Russell began his career in the show business through the 1995’s The Whispering. Additionally, he later portrayed the role of The God in the TV series ‘Show Me Yours.’ This was in 2004.

In the same year, Russell also had a role as a Handsome Actor in the TV series- Kevin Hill. He has come a long way since appearing those small-scale projects.

More recently, he played the role of Theo in the TV series Van Helsing. Previously, he also made appearances on 7 episodes of UnREAL- another TV series.

Christopher Russell Height – 6 Feet 2 Inches

Christopher Russell has a height of 6 feet 2 inches. Moreover, his hair color is light brown and he has blue eyes.

Rob (Hallmark Channel Bio)

Christopher Russell’s bio can also be obtained through the hallmark channel site. According to hallmarkchannel.com, Russell is a first generation Canadian born to British parents.

He developed an interest in acting from a very early age. Additionally, he played the role of Mary and Joseph’s donkey in his pre-school production of The Nativity Story.

Moreover, he continued performing throughout his high school years. In Midnight Masquerade, Russell played the character of Rob Carelli.