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American born Christine Lahti is an Academy Award winning actress, a brilliant writer and film director. She has had a thriving career in film as well as television and has been a devoted contributor to The Huffington Post for almost a decade. This veteran celebrity who was born on April 4, 1950 has been appearing in several movies and television series since the late 1970s. Some of her careers defining roles are in Swing Shift, Lieberman in Love, Chicago Hope and And Justice for All.

Christine is originally from Birmingham, Michigan and presently lives with her family in Los Angeles. She is a responsible mother of three whom she shares with her husband Thomas Schlamme. She married Thomas on September 4, 1983. She is a graduate of University of Michigan and has also studied at Florida State University. She and her five siblings were born to Paul Theodore and Elizabeth Margaret Lahti who were of Finnish and Austro-Hungarian decent respectively.

Before Christine appeared in And Justice for All in 1979 opposite Al Pacino, she paid her bills by waitressing in New York City and occasionally appearing in commercials. She then landed roles in Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains and The Executioner’s Song.  Her first award winning performance was in 1984. Christine was nominated for an Academy Award for the first time in 1984 when she gave an outstanding performance in a supporting role in Swing Shift. She was again nominated for her directorial work in Lieberman in Love in 1995 which she won. She directed and starred in My First Mister in 2001. Her other notable film roles were in And Justice for All, which was her breakthrough film, Running on Empty, Housekeeping, and Miss Firecracker. She has been nominated for Golden Globe awards and Emmy Awards several times. She received a Golden Globe as well as a Primetime Emmy Award for Chicago Hope in 1998. The following year, she received another Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy nomination for No Place Like Home. She has also dabbled in Broadway plays such as The Heidi Chronicles and God of Carnage. She is also known as Sonya Paxton of the hit legal drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In 2011, she was seen in 8, a play by Dustin Lance Black which reenacted the overturn of the same sex marriage ban in California. The play was awarded the Tony Award. That year she also appeared on the stage of Atlantic Theatre Company to play the role of a distraught wife Sandra Cabot in the Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling play. She has also shown her support to American Foundation of Equal Rights by participating in a charity play at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in 2012. Her well written articles have been appearing on The Huffington Post since 2005. She has also appeared on television shows like Ally McBeal, Jack & Bobby, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Hawaii Five-0 in the last decade.

Christine is known to do meticulous background preparation for her characters so that she can bring richness to the character she plays. The extent of Christine’s preparation gives life to her characters. The talented actress has other skills up her sleeve too. She has studied the art of miming and has toured Europe and performed miming at coffee shops.

Needless to say, Christine Lahti is a celebrated actress in Hollywood. The multiple award winner is a star in her own right. A mother of three, Christine has neatly balanced her work life with her family life and can definitely be seen as a role model to her younger counterparts in the film industry.