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One of the coruscating headliner of culinary industry, Christina Machamer is the famed celebrity chef of America. She loves to play with food varieties and fouling up her great amount of creativity in it adds an extra flavor to every dishes. She is basically well accepted by the world as a winner of Hell's Kitchen series premiered by Fox's Network with trouper celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in the judge seat. With the prize money of $250,000 from the show, it is believed that she has made her financial stability strong and built up a high net worth for her. Through this show, Ramsay got to know Christina's influential skills and continuously passed on his acclaimed comments for her throughout the show. Born on March 13, 1982 to a very encouraging family, Christina was indulged with the sorts of wiliness in cooking from her early days. From the young age of 16, Christina started serving at various restaurants within her hometown at St. Louis, USA. However, cooking was her secondary option. She first completed her school levels from the Lafayette High School and then went to study law. Later, her intense passion towards cooking didn't let her choose other genre besides it. She assisted the veteran chef Larry Forgione for a while and then graduated from The Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park back in February 29, 2008.

Christina first faced the camera with the food show Hell's Kitchen judged by the popular and celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay. As a participant, Christina had to audition to enter the series. From the beginning, she maintained her great sportsmanship and constancy which became major aspects for her to achieve the winning prospect. Her vibrant art of cooking completely mesmerized the judges and as a result she emerged as a winner receiving the prize money of $ 250,000 and cooking contract at Ramsay's restaurant. She then was known as the celebrity chef to the world and moved on with sorts of commitments to value her stature. At Ramsey's restaurant, she wasn't placed in the position which her high level experience opts for. Nevertheless, her accomplishment and practices were increasing day by day with great assurance. After having significant practices from there, she landed on a restaurant named Revival at St. Louis. She then launched a BCBC blend, a spice company collaborating with Cory Lemieux. In a mean while, Christina continued to get associated with her mentor Ramsay. In 2009, she became the head chef of the department in the restaurant The London West Hollywood with Michelin Star. Additionally, she is a diploma holder in dealing out with the wines. Following her victory from the series Hell's Kitchen, she continuously appeared in several television series and other notable programs with much more desirability and leadership. With great persistence, she excelled in every field of cooking and wine making with the high executive level of placements in restaurants such as London West Hollywood and B cellars. She used the blend techniques to acquire the flavor of food and wine mixture and successfully established her mark in the culinary industry with its positive outcomes.

She prefers more being silent when it comes to her personal life. Her private sharing is not conveyed by any source. The media is out from the fact of her being in relation with her husband or boyfriend from past till the present. The exact details with reliable aspects aren't taken in consideration regarding her personal entities. She is hot and looks amazing on screen and this could be the major distracting factor that makes her viewers to overlook the directed the cooking scenario.

Christina's contribution through her achievements in the food industry has been quite aspiring and outstanding. She has proved herself acquiring significant accords for her career welfare. Her cookbook hasn't been published in the market yet.

More of her biography including her career growth, food recipes, interview and pictures can be fetched from wiki as well as other popular internet sites. As like other famed celebrities, she also has her twitter account.