Chris Warren

A self propelling personality Chris Warren is a certified broadcast meteorologist currently associated with the Weather Channel. Chris, by birth is an American citizen. He is an original inhabitant of Kirkland, WA. Since the beginning of his early life, he has found that the weather has captivated him. Indeed, if he had not been entranced by the atmosphere he would not have been such an inspiring figure in the field.

Warren has come to prominence with his live reportage of major weather events all across the globe. In many instances, evidently he has exposed himself to intemperate and merciless climate. He has a subtle and vital weather experience which always keeps him out front in the field. His personal magnetism always binds the audience within the TV set which has resulted in higher ranking of the show. The local dweller of Kirkland, WA, Mr. Warren went to Washington State University for higher education. He earned his bachelor degree in broadcasting with a secondary subject as a psychology. Additionally, he was also enrolled in Mississippi State University, where he collected his certificate in broadcast meteorology. By then, Warren decided to go in the fieldwork to achieve his dream. As a newcomer in the field he went about a difficult situation. But he was dogged persistence and nothing could really stop him moving forward. Warren commenced his broadcasting career associating with KSBY – TV in San Luis Obispo, California. While at KSBY – TV, he was responsible for anchoring and preparing day to day weather report. He seized every chance and meliorated his anchoring skills. Subsequently, he moved to KTVZ – TV in Bend, Oregon as a head weather anchor. As a chief weather anchor, Warren did a great work delivering daily weather news report.

 His other official job as a meteorologist was for KING –TV in Seattle, where he rendered service to Northwest Cable News. While in there, he anchored coverage of some of the Northwest’s most irremediable cataclysm. Throughout his tenure, Warren has demonstrated in depth knowledge in meteorology and hence performed his job with a greater excellence than his contemporary. He has been providing viewers with greater quality and precise weather forecasts. Such ability always adds an extra point in his professional life. Following his anticipation, he departed from KING – TV to join the Weather Channel. Mr. Warren currently hosts during the weather channel weeknights. He appears on Weather Center along with two other weather experts Jim Cantore and Crystal Egger. In his distinguished career, Warren has moved up to a life of great riches. His fortune lies upon his massive hoarded net worth which has come from sizable amount of salary being paid to him.

Beyond his professional life, Warren is a sociable and gregarious. Looking more into his inner life, as yet it is unknown whether he is married or not? When it comes to his private life, he does not seem likely to talk about it. His remarks concerning his affair, wife, divorce or whatsoever always leaves the media to obscure presumption. Thus, it would be completely idiotic and absurd to speculate the spousal relationship of this mysterious weatherman. When he is not taken up by professional work, he can be seen playing football, sliding on snow and hiking. When spare time is in his hands, he also prefers to travel and take photographs. Furthermore, Warren also finds comfort and solace with music. He is a diehard fan of Dave Matthews Band, Alison Krauss, Cold Play and Neil Diamond. Both in his professional and personal life, he is completely filled with satisfaction.

A very short description of Warren’s bio is brought out by the official website of the Weather Channel. But still any internet volunteers have not thought of dropping a line in the Wiki about his life history. As Chris is actively involved in social sites so his fan can be up to date with the latest information through medium Twitter and Facebook.