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Chris Noth, an accomplished actor began honing his acting crafts from early 1980s and has now been recognized as a praise-worthy personality, mainly for his spectacular gigs delivered to the Hollywood entertainments and his magnificent emergence and impressible stature. As the youngest amongst three to CBS news reporter, Jeanne L. Parr and insurance salesman and an attorney, James Noth, he was born on 13th November, 1954 in Madison, Wisconsin of United States. As he doesn’t prefer staying at the same place, his childhood days were spent relocating at the various places including Spain, Yugoslavia and England. Interestingly he used to perform during his school days. While in undergraduate years in Marlboro College, interested in artistic sector, he had built a log cabin by himself. Very ambitious and determined persona obtained success in his field very quickly.

Talking about this versatile actor’s personal life and relationships, he has been found sharing his all time with his long time sweet heart Tara Wilson. The couple held the lavish celebration of their marriage ceremony in 2012 after long term of romance as boyfriend and girlfriend. As a result of intimate relationship of these devoted husband and wife, they had welcomed their first child named Orion Christopher Noth in 2008. Before that, he was found romantically engaged with Beverly Johnson in 1992 and was once rumored to have tied the bonds of affection with Winona Ryder in 2000.

Upon graduating from the Yale School of Drama, he had improved his dexterity in drama with the help of drama coach, Sanford Meisner. While there, he had participated in more than 25 plays. His skills were reflected at that place but he entered into the show business in the year 1981 and shared the flair of his acting to the public with his debut role in movie ‘Cutter’s Way’. He took some time to flourish his career after making entry into the field and with the hard workouts, within few years became successful and versatile actor not only in stage but also in small and big screens. He was noted for his crowning performance in ‘Hamlet’ in 1985 at American Shakespeare Festival. Throughout the 1980s, Chris moved increasingly to film and televisions roles and earned wide praise for his role in ‘Off Beat’ (1986). Additionally, Chris’s careers credits also includes his supporting role played in ABC television film ‘Mirror’ and HBO’s movie ‘Apology’. Loving to travel time to time, Chris was greeted with major change in lifestyle when he moved to Indonesia in 1988. Now, he calls Indonesia as his spiritual home and that year as the most blissful year of travelling throughout his life. His role of Mike Logan, a detective in most critically applauded TV drama sitcom ‘Law and Order’ has been recognized as the foremost recognizable credits till date. After gaining popularity through the sitcom, Chris’s career status jumped to the elevated level and continued to rise in the same order.  Thinking to give new direction to his career, he along with other cast members of ‘Law and Order’ started another spin-off series ‘Exiled’ in 1998 in order to cover up the Mike Logan’s story. Since the sitcom ‘Law and Order’, many wonderful opportunities began paving his way. His other credits include his portrayal in features movies like ‘Cold Heart’, ‘The Broken Giant’, ‘Texas Funeral’, ‘Getting to Know You’, ‘Pigeonholed’ and many more. his emotional and elusive recurring role in endearingly quirky sitcom ‘Sex and the City’ has dragged the attention of many TV audiences towards him. Working in the several long running small screened projects and numbers of big-screened projects, he has garnered large amounts in his accounts. As of the latest updates available in internet, his estimated net-worth is $15.5 million.

The tall, handsome and quietly imposing movie star, Chris is still endeavoring to increase his versatility in screen projects. Gracing the Hollywood entertainments with his extravagant skills has been his lifetime dream. His true fascination to the dramatic arts from the very early age is the prime factor for him to gain this status. Furthermore details of his biography with the latest updates are can be withdrawn from wiki. His fans can follow him in several social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Facebook.