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Popular across the world, hot and gorgeous Chloe Bennet is an American actress best known for appearing in television series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the role of Skye. Young Chloe entered the acting industry as a teenager and earned notable success within short period of time, making her one of the promising actresses from America. Besides her acting career, she is well received for her singing and modeling career as well. She is a pop singer who has released few hit singles. Enriched with versatile talents, the kickass beauty has fans all over the world.

Widely recognized by her professional name Chloe Bennet, the actress was actually named as Chloe Wang by her parents. She was born on 18th April, 1992 as the only daughter of Chinese-American father Bennet Wang and European-American mother Stephanie. She is one of four children born to her parents. Apart from her three biological brothers, Chloe has three foster brothers too. Exceptional beauty Chloe has been romantically linked with guys in the past. According to reports, she had her first dating experience at the age of 20. Her first date was Tony Oller, an American actor and singer. The two dated for a brief period of time in 2012. As soon as she separated with Tony, she began dating Sam Palladio, a renowned actor and musician from Britain. They began dating in December 2012 and were together till August of the following year. Recently, Chloe was circled with the rumors of being in relationship with American actor Austin Nicholas. The two have been encountered together several times. However, on being asked about their relationship, Chloe has denied dating Austin.

 Born in Chicago, Illinois, Chloe grew up in her hometown. As a kid she was sent to a Montessori based primary school while she received her higher education from the St. Ignatius College Prep. Fond of acting since her childhood, Chloe joined the Second City Youth Ensemble at the age of 12 to nurture her acting abilities. She was also good at singing since she was a kid and her potential was noticed by an agent when she was of 15. The agent managed for her to go to China to launch her singing career. Subsequently, she moved to China and started living with her paternal grandmother. During this period, she changed her name from Chloe Wang to Chloe Bennet in order to sound more Western. After moving to China, Chloe gradually began learning Mandarin, the official language of China. In 2011, Chloe finally released her debut single entitled as Uh Oh. She also released the Chinese version of the song which made her widely popular in China. The popularity of the song led her to perform in various Chinese television commercials as well. Only in 2011, she also released the single Every Day in Between. Soon afterwards, she moved to Los Angeles and launched her acting career. Before Chloe debuted as an actress through the television series Nashville, she had already made television appearance via The Nightlife as its host. In Nashville, she played a recurring role as Hailey and worked for the series from 2012 to 2013. After leaving Nashville, she landed on a role as Skye, one of the major cast members of action sci-fi fantasy television series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She has been since then working with the series. In 2014, she debuted as a film actress through the short movie Nostradamus. Apart from singing and acting, Chloe has performed in a music video called Tonight by the popular South Korean band BIGBANG. Extremely talented Chloe has earned huge net worth within short period of time but her exact net worth has not been revealed yet.

After starring in the television series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Chloe has earned international fame and success. The outstanding role that she played as Skye in the series has helped her earning huge international fame and success while her incomparable beauty has caught attention of many youngsters, adding to her fan base.