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Chip Ingram Living on the Edge, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Podcast, Age, Church
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Chip Ingram is a highly prestigious pastor from America. He never thought he would be so much popular through his job.  He is the CEO of Living on the Edge. Also, he is the senior pastor in Venture Christian Church.

But all of these were not easily achieved. He surpassed a lot of struggles and work hard to gain this reputation. So, here we begin with his wiki hints.

Chip Ingram’s Wiki (Pastor at Living on the Edge)

Chip Ingram Aka. Ralph Browne Ingram II is a pastor, author, and teacher. He is also a well-mannered human being.

Wiki hints: Ralph Browne Ingram II was born on 21st June of 1954 in Columbus, Ohio. The Priest was quite opposite to himself in his childhood. He didn’t ever think that he would become a pastor at some point in his life.

Ralph was a regular Jewish kid who didn’t even know about the bible. And during his teenage, he quitted church. He was into basketball at the moment. He played basketball during high school and college. There he found that his fellow teammates were very dedicated to the Bible. They read the Bible every time.

Ralph also turned to Romans 12 in his bible and started to read with them. He realized a lot after reading. Chip found god only wanted to build a relation with him. He wouldn’t portray the strict rules on him. He began to like reading the Bible since then. Those unwanted rules were a barrier to him which stopped him.

He finally decided to dedicate his life to Jesus after his graduation. During his sports tour, he realized that he was made to train others for the pastor.

He began his pastoral ministry in 1982 in Dallas, Texas. And he found huge group of students in a few years.

After that, he founded Living in Edge in 1995. And he is still serving as the pastor and teacher.

Chip Ingram Age (65 years)


Chip Ingram’s age is 65 years. He was born on 21st June of 1954. Additionally, his birth sign is Cancer.

Chip Ingram Net Worth ($17 million)

Chip’s net worth is around $17 million. He is a successful pastor until now. His earning is quite impressive though. Being a pastor, he made a great career from pastoral teaching. Also, his books added to his income.

He is the author of Culture Shock, The Real Heaven, and The Real God. Altogether, he published about 15 books.

Chip Ingram Wife (Theresa Lee Ingram)

Chip’s wife name is Theresa Lee Ingram. They both shared many years together. Also, they share four children. She also a grandmother now.

Lastly, she is a great woman, wife, and mother. She supported her husband a lot.

Chip Ingram Family (Jason David Ingram and siblings)

Chip’s family includes his wife and 4 children. Chip’s eldest sons Eric and Jason were twins. After them, their parents had Ryan and a little girl Annie. Altogether, they shared 3 sons and a daughter.

Among them, Jason David is quite famous for his singing. He is the voice behind the band One Sonic Society. He was also awarded Christian Song Writer of the Year on 5th March 2007.