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Chinese Swimmer Sun Yang Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, 1500m, Teeth
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Sun Yang is a very controversial Chinese swimmer. He gets caught up in controversies time and often. Recently, in 2019, he escaped a lifetime ban on his swimming career.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the best swimmers in China. But, he is quite aggressive too. That’s why he easily gets involved in various controversies.

In this article, you will get to know about him more clearly. Keep reading.

Sun Yang Girlfriend

As of 2019, Sun Yang doesn’t have a girlfriend. Probably, he is single now. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t have any relationship before.

As per, this Chinese swimmer was caught up in a love child scandal a couple of years ago. If we believe the source, he even is the father of an illegitimate son.

Previously, he was dating a flight attendant named Nian Nian. Nian is the mother of his only child. However, he never officially announced about his son.

In 2013, the Chinese swimmer publicly announced his relationship with Nian. His mother didn’t like his relationship with her. Later, the duo broke up. And, now. Nian is raising her son all alone.

Sun Yang Net Worth ($0.2 million)


According to, Sun Yang has a net worth of around $0.2 million. The credit for his net worth goes to his swimming career.

Height (6 feet and 6 inches)

The Chinese swimmer, Sun Yang stands at a tall height of 6 feet and 6 inches. In centimeters, his height is 198 cm.

He weighs 89 kg (196 lb.).

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Chinese Swimmer Sun’s 1500 m Freestyle

The 1st male swimmer to win a gold medal in Olympic and world championship in every 200 and 1500m freestyle is Sun Yang. He was born on December 1, 1991.

He is a record-holding aggressive swimmer. But, he is also known as a cheater.

Moreover, he got the nickname because he was banned for 3 months in 2014. Chinese swimming Association banned him for the ingestion of trimetazidine in a competition.

Later, he said that his doctor prescribed it for the treatment of heart palpitations. And, he didn’t know the new rule of its prohibition.

Again, in January 2019, he nearly faced a lifetime ban in his career. Reportedly, he and his teammates smashed blood samples’ vials using a hammer.

On 4/5 September 2018, he smashed the blood samples in front of anti-doping testers. It was after 1500m freestyle competition of Asian Games in 2018.

The Sunday Times reported the whole incident firstly. So, his lawyers even threatened to take legal action against the newspaper. However, FINA decided in favor of Sun. And, claimed he didn’t commit any doping violation.

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Sun Yang Teeth

The controversial swimmer, Sun Yang teeth also makes headlines. Surprising, isn’t it? Well yeah, he is famous for his shark teeth as well. But, people mock him for his jagged teeth. Especially on social media.

Furthermore, people on social media give him dental suggestions. Many commented sarcastically after his 200m win freestyle a long time ago. One even said, he is a good swimmer but doesn’t have good teeth.

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