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Chimbala Height: How Tall Is Chimbala Now? Wiki & Girlfriend Nationality
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Chimbala Height: How Tall Is Chimbala Now? Wiki & Girlfriend Nationality. Chimbala Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, How old, GF, Wife, Married or Dating and more.

Rapper Chimbala is an aspiring artist from the music industry. Popular for his singles, Maniqui and Tan Celoso, the rapper hit the horizon back in 2012. Active for around seven years, Chimbala has earned a commendable success in the industry.

As we look to rappers, a few things fall in the common zone. In fact, rappers are often popular for their richness and female connections. Though not mandatorily. Still, they are.

So, you might be wondering about Chimbala’s love life and financial status?

Chimbala Height: How Tall Is Chimbala Now?

The rap lovers out there do know how good of a rapper Chimbala is. But, speak of his physique, there aren’t any authentic details on the web.

According to, the average height of the people of the Dominican Republic is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. The rapper Chimbala might also be standing in the range of 5 to 6 feet tall.

Through his appearance, he has a slim body structure, also seems to have healthy body weight.

Though he might not be used to having six-packs and a well-toned body, still he does has a slim body.

What is Chimbala’s Nationality? Wiki, Family


Born in the Dominican Republic, Chimabal’s nationality is Dominican. Also, he is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, just like most of the Dominican.

The name Chimbala is of unknown origin and it means ‘peaceful meeting ground for all creatures.’

He was born in Santo Domingo to Dominican parents, the identity of whose are still not public. Moreover, it’s still a mystery whether the rapper has got any siblings or not.

The Tan Celoso singer is currently 28 years old. Born in the year 1991, he celebrates his birthday on the 18th of May.

The Dominican rapper began recording and publishing back in 2012. For a long time, he has worked under producer Carlos Bautista. Carlos is also a Dominican musician.

By 2019, he has four singles to his name. You can find him on the music sharing app Spotify.

He has worked with fellow rappers, Mozart La Para, Mely Mel, and El Poeta Callejero.

He also runs a YouTube channel, ChimbalaHD. His YouTube channel has 1.3 million subscribers by now.

Girlfriend: Is Chimbala close to Females?

When it comes to rappers, the most fascinating things is their female circle. Whether in music videos, social accounts or real life, they seem to enjoy a great female company.

Apparently, he hasn’t got such luxury yet. Though there a few pictures of some unknown gorgeous ladies on his Instagram page, his love life is far from the public.

Looks like the rapper Chimbala is currently married to his music career or so. If he is currently dating his girlfriend or is already a family guy, only Chimbala has the answers.

How Much is Chimbala’s Net Worth in 2019?

As a part of the music industry since 2012, he has released four singles so far. In addition to his music sales, he is also busy with stage shows as well as tours.

Looking at his rising musical career, it seems as if the rapper is making a hefty sum.

Meanwhile, the details of Chimbala’s net worth and annual earnings are still under review.