Cher Hubsher Pregnant, Husband, Jared Gopman, Age, Wiki, Baby – TLC ‘sMothered’

Cher Hubsher Pregnant, Husband, Jared Gopman, Age, Wiki, Baby - TLC 'sMothered'

Is Cher Hubsher Pregnant? All the news about actress and dating coach Cher Hubsher’s pregnancy is true.

According to nypost.com, Sher is expecting her first child with her husband Jared.

Cher Hubsher Husband – Jared Gopman

Cher Hubsher and her husband Jared Gopman first met at the University of Florida. They met when they were in their freshman year.

The college sweethearts later got engaged at the end of their college years. After a one-year engagement, they married on in 2013.

The wedding took place one year after their graduation from the University. Moreover, the couple currently resides in New York City.

The pair’s marriage is stable and is going strong. There has not been any news of affairs or divorce so far. They are in a happy relationship and are expecting their first child together.

Cher Hubsher’s husband Jared Gopman has one credit as an actor. He appeared in the 2017 movie ‘Inoperable.’ There, he played the role of a male doctor.

Since his movie appearance in 2017, he has not appeared in any other movie or television projects. He is currently working in the field of plastic surgery.

Cher Hubsher Age (28 Years)

Cher Hubsher is 28 years of age. She has not revealed her full date of birth at present. Additionally, she is of American nationality. Furthermore, information about her ethnicity is not currently available.

Cher Hubsher’s Wiki

Cher Hubsher does not have her official Wiki page. She is a well-recognized American actress and television personality.

Over the years, she has been cast in multiple television shows and reality shows. Her most notable reality TV appearance is in ‘My Super Sweet 16.’ On the show, she appeared as a host. This was back in 2007.

In 2008, Cher also appeared in the movie ‘Blind Thoughts’ as Tina. This was her first acting role on the big screen. Additionally, in the same year, she also appeared in the TV series ‘My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled.’

After a long break, Cher returned to the screen in 2016. She played the role of Sally in the movie ‘The Amityville Terror.’ In addition, the same year she also made an appearance in the movie ‘Small Fish’ as Mandy.

A year later, in 2017, Cher was cast to play Nurse Tara in another movie ‘Inoperable.’ She also portrayed the role of Hot Sun Tan Lotion Girl in another TV movie ‘Reality Disorder.’

Her most recent acting role was in the 2019 movie ‘Second Thoughts.’ In the movie, she appeared as Tonya. Since her last appearance, she is not working on any other projects at present.

She is probably focused on her pregnancy at present. In addiiton, fans have speculated that she will return back to her acting gigs once her pregnancy is over.

Cher Hubsher’s Baby

Cher Hubsher is expecting her first baby with her husband Jared. According to toofab.com, the baby will arrive next month.

This will be a new chapter in Cher’s already adventurous life. Furthermore, she is fully confident to become a perfect mother to her children.

Cher Hubsher’s Appearance in TLC ‘s ‘sMothered’

Cher Hubsher recently made the news after reports suggested that she is set to start in TLC’s ‘sMothered.’

The show focuses on four mother-daughter pairs and their relationship. This is not Cher’s first TV appearance. She has already been part of multiple other reality shows so far.