Chelsie Kyriss Age (Antonio Brown New Girlfriend) Wiki, Height, IG, Bio

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Chelsie Kyriss

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If you know Antonio Brown, you must have an idea about his wide popularity. After all, he is a famous NFL wide-receiver. This is why everything about him becomes the headline of the news. Lately, the news of him and his new girlfriend has been hitting the internet. Chelsie Kyriss is the name of his girlfriend. And, ever since people got to know this, they have grown an interest in her all of a sudden.


This is what happens when you date a celebrity player as famous as Antonio. But, while it is true that Chelsie is his girlfriend, this is not the first time they have ever dated.

You will soon see what I am talking about.

Chelsie Kyriss Age: 30 Years Old

So, the first question that pops in everyone’s mind is Chelsie’s age. Well, she was born on the 31st of August in the year 1989.

Hence, she is 30 years old as of 2019. And, her birth sign is Virgo.

Moreover, her boyfriend Antonio is 31 years of age. In this way, the couple has only a year difference in their age.

Chelsie Kyriss’s Wiki

Wiki hints, Chelsie Kyriss is the girlfriend of Antonio Brown. And, she is most popular for their romantic relationship.

Likewise, she is from Springboro, Ohio. According to Famous Birthdays, she graduated from Sinclair Community College in the year 2010.

After that, she joined Georgia State University Perimeter College. There, she studied General Education.

And, talking about her relationship with Antonio, they have been on and off for a long time.

In fact, they have 3 kids from their relationship. And, all of them are boys. Their names are Autonomy, Ali and Apollo.

Finally, the couple has got back together leaving the past behind. And, this is all that matters now.

Chelsie Kyriss’s Height: 1.65 m

Chelsie’s height is also something most people want to know about. According to Globe Intel, she has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

In the same way, in meters, she is 1.65 meters tall. While her boyfriend, Antonio is 1.78 meters tall.

Kyriss’s IG (Instagram)

Chelsie rose to fame on Instagram due to the relationship with Antonio Brown. And, she has an active account.

As of yet, she has 79.1 thousand Instagram followers. In the same way, she has shared 62 posts until now.

Most of her posts are of her sons and boyfriend. She is also seen sharing photos of her lavish cars gifted by her beau.

Likewise, the family goes on trips and vacations. In this way, they can be seen spending quality time together.

Chelsie: Bio

Chelsie is the girlfriend of Antonio Brown. She was born in Springboro, Ohio. And, she is 30 years of age.

Her parents are Todd and Lynn Kyriss. Similarly, she has an older brother whose name is Christopher Kyriss.

According to Globe Intel, she worked as a sales representative at Victoria. And, she was an assistant teacher in a daycare at the same time.

Besides, she is the mother of five kids. She has three kids with Antoni Brown. While she had the other two from her relationship in the past.