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Chelsea Cutler Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wiki
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Chelsea Cutler is a singer, songwriter and also an EDM producer who is very talented in music. She is a musical personality but she’s not as famous as Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Let’s be honest though. Nobody’s as famous as Swift or Beyonce.

But she’s just at the initial phase of her career but she’s generated enough excitement around her music and generated value from her name.

Chelsea Cutler Ethnicity

The details of one’s ethnicity are not that important. Despite that, let’s all indulge in knowing her roots. Chelsea is a white American woman born in Connecticut.

So, there’s nothing exotic about Chelsea Cutler’s ethnicity like half Hawaiian father, an English mother. It’s nothing to be ashamed of anyway- one’s ethnicity. She’s a proud American.

Chelsea Cutler Height – How tall is she anyway?


When it comes to her height, we have to Chelsea Cutler is a foot tall. That’s nowhere near right and just pardon my joke. The details about Chelsea’s height are unknown but if you are good at guessing, here’s Chelsea with her girlfriend on the beach.

Guess how tall she stands if you really are curious.

I did what I could people. I did what I could. Don’t complain because we don’t know how tall she stands.

Chelsea Cutler Weight

Again, here we go! The details about her weight are unknown.

A person’s weight keeps on changing throughout the day. It changes planet to planet. It’s a variable no one should care about. But we live in a society that cares about women’s weight. I guess she’d like to be known much for her music rather than her weight.

Chelsea Cutler’s Net Worth

Do you want to know how much Chelsea Cutler is worth? Do you care to know the details of her spending from her perfume to cars to villas? Well today’s your bad day because I can’t tell you that.

To clarify, I don’t mean I know it and can’t tell you because it’s a secret but it’s just that nobody knows.

According to a credible source-, she acquires her money from producing music. She’s also a singer who’s made some pretty nice music.

She has a nice following on Instagram and a popular Youtube channel. So, must be doing well money-wise.

Chelsea Cutler’s Boyfriend and Details on her Dating life

Chelsea was in a long term relationship with Harry Roberson – a baseball player. However, she broke up with him some time ago.

They ended their relationship in July of 2018 as per some sources. Now she’s playing for another team.

Chelsea quit sausage for tacos. To say it without any embellishments, Chelsea Cutler left boyfriend and got herself a girlfriend. Some people might judge her for being in a gay relationship. But I say who cares if it’s sausage or tacos, everybody’s hungry for love. You go, Girl!

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