Chef Joe Flamm Chicago Restaurant Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Family Facts

Chef Joe Flamm Chicago Restaurant Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Family Facts

Very few people make it really big in the culinary world as Joe Flamm. Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre are some of the all-time great chefs. I mean all chefs just cook, don’t they? But why are some chefs cooking on the street barely making money while some cook and earn millions of dollars? It’s the devotion with which you do something that matters the most I guess.

Joe Flamm is not as legendary as Marco Pierre White or Gordon Ramsay but he has a considerable amount of respect and weight in the culinary world. This ex-Top Chef contestant has his own restaurant in Chicago and he’s doing great.

Joe (born 1986) is 32 years old

Joe Flamm is currently 32 years of age and all I have to prove is that the Internet has said so. I mean I cannot go check through his Social Security Card and find that information.

But according to a trusted site online, he was born on 6th April 1986 in the United States of America.

So, he looks really gigantic for his age but he loves food. Maybe that’s the reason for his humungous size. In conclusion, he is 32 years of age.

Joe Flamm: Who is the Chef married to? Details on his wife

Joe is married to a beautiful lady named Hillary Delich. She worked as a senior consulting manager at Vodori and the couple looks really great. The adorable couple tied the knots in an intimate ceremony in May of 2015.

Not only ae the couple married but they are parents already. They had a lovely baby together and named the child Luka William Flamm on 4th December 2018. So, when it comes to marriage department, his life is delicious just like the food in his restaurants.

Joe Flamm’s Wiki Page

As I have already mentioned Joe was born on 6th April 1986 in the United States of America.

Flamm was born in an Italian family and thus that brings us to his obsession with the food from an early age. Joe started to like cooking his family dishes and spent a lotta time cooking and eating it.

He grew up in Chicago and the details about his education are not that known. However, when it comes to his culinary career, he is quite successful at it. He is the winner of  15th season of Top Chef- the television show.

He won the prize money of $1.2 million dollars. His career really took a flying soar from that money but apparently, he saved the money for his house purchasing.

No matter what, his career is going fine guys.

Joe Flamm Family Facts

  • He married Hillary Delich and they have a very cute relationship and hopefully, their marriage will last long.

He has a child and declared that news from the Instagram and he also had said it was the happiest day of his life. Nw his Insta wall is full of pictures of his child.

They both look very cute in this picture and seems like Baby Joe is gonna be just like his dad after growing up.