Charlotte Tomlinson aka Lottie Tomlinson Wikipedia, Age, Siblings, Bio, and Facts

Charlotte Tomlinson aka Lottie Tomlinson Wikipedia, Age, Siblings, Bio, and Facts. Charlotte Tomlinson aka Lottie Tomlinson is a popular English makeup artist and social media star. She is extensively known as a half-sister of singer and songwriter Louis Tomlinson who was a member of the previous boy band One Direction.

Charlotte Tomlinson aka Lottie Tomlinson Parents, Family and Early Life

Born in Doncaster, England on 4 August 1998, Charlotte Tomlinson’s are Johannah Poulston and her second husband Mark Tomlinson. She holds British citizenship and is of white ethnical background.

Charlotte Tomlinson has three biological siblings; a younger sister named Felicite “Fizzy” Tomlinson, and identical twin sisters Daisy and Phoebe, and three half-siblings including Louis Tomlinson and fraternal twins, Ernest and Doris.

Brother – Louis Tomlinson

Her elder brother Louis who was born from her mother’s previous marriage is a famous former boy band One Direction’s member after which he is pursuing his solo music career. Through the popularity of her brother, she rose into prominence as the stylist and makeup artist of 1D in 2015.

Charlotte Tomlinson/Lottie Tomlinson Sister – Felicite, Died age 18 on 13th March 2019

Her sister Felicite, Instagram influencer, died at the age of 18 on 13 March 2019 reportedly due to a heart attack while the cause of her death hasn’t been disclosed officially yet. Her mother Johannah also passed away on 7 December 2016 following her battle with leukemia for over a year.

Charlotte Tomlinson aka Lottie Tomlinson Height, 5’6” and Body Stats

Charlotte Tomlinson is tall with a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Her info relating to weight hasn’t been yet disclosed. She is a hot English babe who possesses a smoldering curvy athletic body along with appealing physical assets.

Creator and owner of Tanologist which manufactures tanning products, Charlotte appears with seductive tanned skin which makes her one of the hottest bombshells on the internet. A fashion maverick, her impressive fashion sense, and bold personality are enough to slay the red carpet.

Charlotte Tomlinson aka Lottie Tomlinson Age

Celebrated her 20th birthday on 4 August 2018, she has gained intense success and recognition in young age while there are some facts about her that will astound you; she has appeared on music video “Back To You” by Louis alongside her ex Tommy and owns her own cosmetic company and released her makeup tutorials book in 2017.

This blonde beau has to spark gray eyes and despite being of fair complexion she constantly tans her skin staying in the trend. Living up sophisticated lifestyle, she enjoys a deluxe vacation, exotic hotel visits, and has a penchant of the lavish shopping experience.

Charlotte Tomlinson aka Lottie Tomlinson Wikipedia and Bio

Charlotte Tomlinson is a Doncaster native-born as a half-sister of Louis Tomlinson in 1998. With no profile in Wikipedia, her bio can be read in various other sites which hold detail information about her including her personal and professional life.

Apart from fame, she gained as a sibling of musician and TV personality, she has embarked her own career as a makeup artist, businesswoman, and Instagram star. She has also released a makeup tutorial book “Lottie Tomlinson’s Rainbow Roots: #MAKEUPBYME” in October 2017 while she has also been featured in the cover of various fashion magazines.

Charlotte Tomlinson/Lottie Tomlinson and Tommy Napolitano, Boyfriend and Dating Affairs

Charlotte Tomlinson is dating English professional model Sam J. Prince who also is the owner at Prince Clothing. The couple openly admires each other on social media platform which has helped to take the couple goals to the next level.

Talking about her past relationship, Charlotte has also dated Martin Kendal and Tommy Napolitano.

Her boyfriend seems completely smitten by her beauty and popularity that makes him falls for her each day. Working on establishing an extravagant career, they are not rushing for marriage yet days are not so away when they will be hitched together if they continue dating with this pace.