Charlotte Bouchard

Charlotte Bouchard Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, Siblings, Parents

Charlotte Bouchard is a Canadian businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is famous as the sister of the renowned tennis player ‘Eugenie Bouchard’.

Name Charlotte Bouchard
Birthday In 1995
Age 25 years old
Gender Female
Height N/A
Nationality Canadian
Profession Partner & Brand Ambassador at Fidacity
Parents Michel Bouchard and Julie Leclair
Siblings 3: Beatrice, William, and Eugenie Bouchard
Net Worth N/A
Married/Single N/A
Education Concordia University
Instagram @charbouchard
Twitter @charbouchard

Charlotte is also associated with many fundraising and non-profit organizations. She is famous for her social kindness and support. Recently, she reported against a stalker named ‘Danny Arsenault’. She dragged him to the court. However, the court’s judgment is still unavailable. Also, Charlotte was seen volunteering several NGOs and INGOs like WWF, Assisted Victims and Cancer Research society.

10 Facts About Charlotte Bouchard

  1. Charlotte Bouchard (born in 1995) is a Canadian businesswoman and social activist. Her age is 25 years old. However, her exact birth date is not available for now.
  2. Charlotte’s relationship status is also a mystery for now. After, the stalker incident, she might not want to be in a relationship. Also, she is more focused in her career.
  3. Charlotte is the daughter of Michel Bouchard and Julie Leclair. Her father Michel is an investment banker.
  4. Beatrice and Eugenie Bouchard are twin sisters. Altogether, their parents had 4 children. Wiliam Bouchard is the only son of the family. Charlotte is the 3rd kid of the family.
  5. Eugenie Bouchard is a Candian Tennis player and the eldest sister of Charlotte. She has always been her inspiration.
  6. Charlotte chose commerce as major in her high school. She completed her graduation in Kingston University in 2017. She received her bachelor’s degree in Arts (BA) from Concordia University in 2018.
  7. Charlotte is the Brand Ambassador of ‘Fidacity’. Also, she is the partner and shareholder of the company. 
  8. Charlotte is also associated with Wicked Gummy Co. as a brand ambassador.
  9. Charlotte is also a social activist and a kind human being. She helped the victim of Grenfell tower fire. Also, she has donated a huge amount of money for cancer patients.
  10. Lastly, Charlotte’s Instagram has 99 thousand followers.