Charles Bronson (Prisoner) Age, Height, Wife Paula Williamson, Net Worth

Charles Bronson refers to as the ‘most dangerous prisoner in Britain’ in the English press. And, the man will stand trial for attacking men in prison.

He received his first jail time for seven years as a petty criminal in 1974 after committing an armed robbery.

But 44 years on and he is still in prison. Due to his mental illness and violent behavior inside the prison, he served four-decade in solitary confinement.

Born Michael Gordon Peterson in Luton, Bedfordshire, he changed his name to Charles Bronson in 1987 for his bare-knuckle boxing career.

He currently changed his last name to Salvador in a mark of respect to Spanish painter, Salvador Dali, his favorite artists.

Charles is an English criminal currently serving life imprisonment at HM Prison Woodhill. And, he has been incarcerated in all three of England’s psychiatric hospital.

He wrote books about his life and notorious prisoners he has met during his incarceration. Charles is a fitness freak and has also penned a book dedicated to exercising in confined spaces. In addition, he is a self-taught painter, says his bio at Wiki.

And, Charles’ illustrations of psychiatric hospital & prison life has been publically exhibited and won numerous awards. And, his artwork gets promote through The Charles Salvador Art Foundation.

Charles Bronson Age and Height

Born in 1952, Charles Bronson ages 66 but is 6-months shy from hitting 67th on December 6.

Charles is a tall, bald man with well-sculpted physique but the measure to his height isn’t reveal yet.

Regardless of his age, he stays fit and exercises daily. He may not have gym equipment but he seems to sculpt his physique with whatever that is available inside the prison. Furthermore, he is an old man who seems to follow a strict diet plan as well.

Charles Bronson Married – His Wife

While the majority of women ‘feared’ with criminal Charles Bronson, the man managed to marry thrice. Surprisingly enough, he married an actress Paula Williamson, but their marriage is on the end, The Sun reports.

Charles marriage to Paula is set to annul on the grounds the two never have sex. Their romance blossom over the five months and they married n the prison chapel on November 14, 2017.

While Charles’ third marriage drew huge media attention, his two earlier marriages remain unknown.

It remains when Charles Bronson met his first wife Irene Kelsey, but the two married in 1971 and divorced in 1976.

He remarried in 2001 to Fatema Saira Rehman, but the marriage couldn’t last long and they divorced in 2005.

Charles has two children, Michael Jonathan and George Bamby, but the identity to his baby mother remains unknown.

How much is Prisoner Charles Bronson Net Worth?

Before his crimes came to light, Charles Bronson was a struggling male, living under wages.

While he lived his free days under poverty, the figure of Charles Bronson’s net worth remains undisclosed to date.

Charles utilizes his time in jail and engages in circular activities. He enjoys painting, reading and writing books and exercising as well.

While his painting makes some hefty cash, it’s still unveiling where does the money go.

You can go through his Wiki profile to have a close look into his crimes and life.