Char Defrancesco Age, Wiki, Net Worth: Facts on Marc Jacob Boyfriend (Husband)

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Born in the year 1981, Char Defrancesco celebrates his birthday

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Marc Jacobs is a popular American fashion designer. The New York City-born fashion designer is the head of his fashion label, Marc Jacobs, formerly Marc by Marc Jacobs. Active in the fashion industry for two decades, Marc is among the fashion’s media magnet. Along with his professional life, Marc’s personal life is also in the race for fame.

Speaking of his personal life, there’s a lot of spice and gossips. The spice being his longtime boyfriend Char Defrancesco, we get to hear a lot of gossips about Marc’s dating life and relationship. One of the gay celebrities in the fashion industry, Marc is dating Char for a long time now.

The lovely gay couple, Marc and Char are now married, after a year from their engagement back in April 2018.

Let’s find out who popped up the question first and a lot about Marc’s boyfriend Char Defrancesco.

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Char Defrancesco Age – 37/ Wiki

Born in the year 1981, Char Defrancesco celebrates his birthday annually on the 8th of March. He is 37 years of age at present.

Char is a Swiss native and belongs to white Caucasian ethnicity. The handsome Swiss guy is 19 years younger than his partner, Marc Jacobs. Born on April 9, 1963, Marc Jacobs is 56 years of age.

Unlike his designer partner, Char Defrancesco is a seasonal model. He is also an actor on his own rights. Char fluently speaks both English and French language. Unlike Char, Marc has no knowledge about the French language.

Defrancesco’s parents are of Italian descent and they ran a boarding school in Switzerland. Speaking to Fashion Week Daily, Char revealed his parents got divorced while he was only three years of age.

After his parents’ divorce, Char lived with his mother in Los Angeles, California. His mother owned a small business in LA.

Char is a student of political science and studied at a college at UCLA. From LA, Char then moved to New York City, where he took on multiple jobs and also gained media attention. Eventually, after five years in NYC, Char shifted back to LA, where he opened up a bar.

During his stay at New Yor, Char modeled for several popular brands, clothing brands in particular. In his Instagram account, Char can be seen flaunting his muscular body, showing off his attire. He also runs a candle line entitled A Bougie Candle By Char DeFrancesco. Likewise, his candle line has two scents; Bae and Lit.

Speaking about his TV appearances, Char appeared in an American TV show titled Sense8. The TV show premiered on 5 June 2015.

How Much is Char Defrancesco’s Net Worth

Char Defrancesco draws his net worth from several sources. He is a seasonal model and TV actor. Likewise, he owns a bar in Los Angles and runs a candle line.

As a businessman, model, and TV personality, Char must be making a colossal income. However, the details of his net worth and annual earnings are still under review. Meanwhile, his partner, Marc Jacob has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Facts on Marc Jacobs Boyfriend (Husband)

Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend turned husband, Char began dating in the mid-10s. After a few years of dating, the pair got engaged on 4 April 2018.

Finally, after a year of their engagement, Marc and Char exchanged their wedding vows. They walked down the aisle on April 6, 2019, in New York City, according to Vogue.

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