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Chanel Nicole Marrow, Meet Ice T and Coco Austin's Daughter: Her Age, Wiki, Birthday Facts
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Chanel Nicole Marrow, Meet Ice T and Coco Austin’s Daughter: Her Age, Wiki, Birthday Facts. Chanel Nicole Marrow Wikipedia, Height, Parents, Father, Mother.

Celebrities aren’t the only one pumping out in the news. Instead, their kids seemly attract more media lens than their celebrity parents. Whether it’s their cute face or ever-enduring charm, celebrity kids are quite popular, both in media as well as social media pages. Similarly, Chanel Nicole Marrow is one such celebrity kids.

Born to Ice T and Coco Austin, Chanel already has the media squabbling for more. As it appears, their fans don’t seem to get enough of the baby girl, already.

Not only in the media eyes, but the lady is also as popular on social platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. There are several videos of the little princess on YouTube which has thousands of views.

While her parents seem busy pursuing their career, the little girl seems busy having the media nearby her. Well, it’s hard to tell who is more popular among Nicole and her parents, now.

Below you will find about Nicole Marrow’s age, birthday, siblings, and a lot more.

Chanel Nicole Marrow: Her Age, Birthday Facts

Chanel Nicole Marrow was born on 28 November 2015 at 11:47 am UTC.

The baby girl was born prior to the due date. Reflecting on her early birth, her mother took to Twitter, writing, ‘Look who came early!’ Looks like it was good news prior to the expected date.

By now, the little girl is 3 years old. On November 28, 2019, she will turn 4, liting the candles for her fourth birthday.

At the time of her birth, Nicole weighed 5.7 pounds and measured 18 inches.

Following after her actress mother, Nicole is already a fashionable toddler. From her matching clothes to her mother, to father-daughter moments, her Instagram page gives daily updates about Nicoles’ life.

In fact, thousands of people love to follow the cute baby girl. Her Instagram page already has 456k followers.

You can also follow her on her Twitter page with 46.4k followers.

Meet Ice T & Coco Austin’s Daughter: Chanel Nicole, Wiki


Nicole is the firstborn child of the America actress Coco Austin. The Ice & Coco actress was previously married to Mike Williams (m. 1999 – d. 2001) prior to her marriage with Ice T.

The actress hadn’t had the privilege of being a mother from her first marriage. After her divorce with Mike, Austin married her current husband, Ice T a.k.a. Tracey Lauren Marrow in 2005.

Nearly after a decade of their marriage, she gave birth to her only child, Nicole, so far.

Well, this might give rise questions regarding Austin’s health issues. But, there’s nothing to worry about, as the lady is totally on good health. Maybe, it’s just her decision to have a baby at the right time.

Does Chanel Nicole have any Siblings?

As mentioned earlier, Nicole is Austin’s only child to date. Yet, she had got two siblings, though. Well, step-siblings.

She has a stepsister named Letesha Marrow and a step-brother named Tracey Morrow Jr.

Tracey was born in 1992 and is currently 27 years old. Just like his father, Tracey is also a musician.

Letesha is a 43 years old married woman. She was born in 1976 in New York City. She has a son named Elyjah Marrow.