When it comes to good genetics, the kids look like cloning of their parents. Yeah, children often look like their parents but the likeness between the child and celebrity always hit the tremendous mark. Here we have listed 20 celebrity kids who look just like their famous parents.

20. Resse Witherspoon and Ava Elizabeth

Rese Witherspoon’s and Ava looks like the mirror image of each other. Ava is the best option to play the role Rese in her biopic.

Rese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava almost looks like her mother. In an instance glance, people can easily make mistake to identify who is who. It seems Ava is the younger version of her mom. We believe someday, Ava will be on the big screen playing the role of young Witherspoon.

At first glance, people may mistakenly call Witherspoon’s 18-years-old daughter as her twin sister. This beautiful mother-daughter duo was looking exactly the carbon copy of each other in the Molly R. Stern X Sarah Chloe Jewelry Collaboration Launch Dinner.