Celebrities Without makeup, the trend has become the biggest thing in many parts of the world. Without Makeup trends recently is even quite popular among Hollywood celebrities.

Some celebrities have embraced their normal skin and are going without makeup. Some of the most impressive ones so far include:

1. Alicia Keys Without Makeup

Alicia Keys went on to perform on X Factor without makeup.

Many people praised Alicia for her flawless skin and she made a positive impression on people as shown by the reactions on the internet.

When she takes up something it easily becomes a trend. This is why Alicia Keys' no makeup look gained such popularity among different people.

Alicia does have some flawless skin even without makeup and she has her makeup artist to thank for this as well. Keys’ makeup artist notes that she uses ice and cucumber to keep the singer looking youthful and flawless.

She uses a cold jade roller to help drain her lymphatic system and bring blood to her skin as well.