Marriage does not go as we plan, many celebs married and divorced the same person twice in their life. Looking at these people we can say that there are no rules at all when it comes to Hollywood celebrities. They make their own terms for their life. Here is the list of 20 Celebrities who married the same person twice in their lifetime.

1. Eminem and Kim Scott

Eminem and Kim Scott first met in their teen days, they married twice in the year 1999 and 2006. Their second marriage only lasted for three months.

Eminem and Kim Scott met when they were teenagers and since the very beginning, this couple has on and off the relationship. The rapper was fifteen and Kim was thirteen when they first met at a House Party. This pair first tied the marriage knot in the year 1999, however, ended up getting divorced in 2001.

Eminem swore to never get back gain but remarried her in 2006 again. People were hoping to see this couple together for long time after this but they split again. They filed divorced just after three months of their second marriage.