We are taught to proudly accept who we are and what we have. The greatest examples are the celebrities with LGBT kids. From professional athletes to celebrated artists, they have accepted their children by giving them unconditional love and support. The following are those celebrities who are a proud parent to their LGBT child.

1. Cher

Chaz Bono confessed being a Lesbian at the age of 18. He is a son of American Singer and Actress Cher.

Cher is a legendary artist who is best known as the Goddess of Pop. Many people know about her transgender son, Chaz Bono. Like his mother, Chaz has successfully established himself in the field of entertainment. He is also an LGBT activist.

Bono confessed to being a lesbian when he was 18. In one of his books titled 'Family Outing,' it was written that he always felt different about himself since his childhood. He was more interested towards the girls who talk about latest fashion and cutest boys. The book is about the experience of Chaz coming out with truth to his parents.

When it comes to Cher she has openly accepted the fact about her son. We can understand acknowledging this truth was never easy for Cher. However, she is seen beside every decision of Chaz whom she loves very dearly.

Quick Facts:

Born: March 4, 1969

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Parents: Cher and Sonny Bono

Siblings: Elijah Blue Allman

Height: 1.68 meters

Occupation: Musician, advocate, writer, actor

Notable works: Celebrity Fit Club, Fronterz, Bar Girls, Cher, Dancing with the Stars, The Big Gay Sketch Show, Dirty, and Muppets 201.