Most people love meat, which is always part of their diet. However, these celebrities have discovered the other side of life and do not eat meat. Discover their reasons for going vegan!

After watching a documentary, Forks Over Knives, Dax made a decision to go vegan. He is an accomplished actor, director, and writer. Some of his famous works include films like Employee of the Month, Without a Paddle and Idiocracy, among others.

Quick Facts About Dax

  • Born: 2 January 1975, Milford, Michigan, United States
  • Height: 1.88 m
  • Spouse: Kristen Bell
  • Children: Delta Bell Shepard, Lincoln Shepard
  • Siblings: Carly Hatter, David Shepard

One of the thing that makes Dax feel really good is his vegan diet. His spouse Kristen Bell is also a vegan and as such, they hardly have any difficulties sustaining the diet. He wishes he had started much earlier on his full plant-based diet.