Know About Ceedee Lamb Wife- Does He Have Kids?

22-years-old, Ceedee is a famous American footballer who plays for Dallas Cowboys. As a wide receiver, he has led the games several times now.

Lamb has focused on developing his NFL career after being a 2020 NFL draft player. Moreover, he is still very passionate about his professional career as an athlete. 

Over and above that, Ceedee is just 22 years of age. Thus, he is not married and does not have a wife. 

Also, there is no news or a history of the player having kids. Considering that, he might not have any child for the moment. 

Nevertheless, Lamb is dating his girlfriend Crymson at the moment. The couple has been together for so long and got adored by every fan. 

Ceedee Lamb: Is He Married To Girlfriend Crymson Rose?

A wide receiver, Ceedee has been dating Crymson for years. The couple has got the best bonding with each other. 

Looking at the couple, most people have often got confused about getting married. Even so, Ceedee himself has not mentioned anything about tieing a  knot at all. 

With this, Ceedee and Crymson do not appear to be married. Nor do they look like they are planning their wedding anytime soon.    

Moreover, Rose, his girlfriend, is graduating soon from "the University of Oklahoma" and starting her career. 

Who Are Cowboys Ceedee Lamb Parents?

Ceedee was born to his parents, Cliff Lamb and Leta Ramirez. He has an American nationality with African-American ethnicity. 

The successful football player, Ceedee has suffered from hardship during his childhood. He has mentioned his mother, who had five children drove him for 45 miles for the football practice. 

Although it was hard for the time, it has been a beautiful memory for him now. Lamb comes from a family with a background in sports. 

His father, Darrick Reed, is a former coach who has been a remarkable and respectful man during his career life. The player also had a stepfather named Samuel Moreno Jr., who was killed when Ceedee was just a boy of 14 years.