Ceaser Black Ink Crew New Girlfriend :: Ceaser Emanuel Wiki, Daughter, How old?

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Ceaser Black Ink Crew New Girlfriend :: Ceaser Emanuel Wiki, Daughter, How old?

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Ceaser Emanual is a tattoo artist and a TV personality. If you follow his show “Black Ink Crew”, you know him very well. The show brought him to public and media attention.

Now, he is the best Tattoo artist in the business. But his personal life is a huge question mark to most of his fans. so here we have some answers about his daughter and girlfriend.

Ceaser Emanuel Wiki (Black Ink Crew)

Wiki hints, Ceaser Emanuel aka David Emanuel was born on 5th June of 1979 in The Bronx, New York, America. David is the owner of Harlem. Tattoo Shop is basically the name of his company at Harlem, New York. It is the shop featured in the series “Black Ink Crew”.

About Black Ink Crew, it is an American reality show in the channel VH1. It is mainly based on the job of a tattoo artist.

Moreover, it is about the shop and his owner who is always in controversies. The series started on 7th January of 2013. The stars are currently working on its 8th season. It was premiered on 14th August and until now its 6th episodes are aired.

About David’s education, he graduated from High School of Graphic Communication and Arts. Also, he is a master’s degree holder in graphic arts as major from Katherine Gibbs College. He completed the degree in 1999.

Lastly, he is also a star due to his love life controversies. He was in relation with Crystal. They share a daughter together named “Cheyenne”. According to the sources, Ceaser was also kept behind bars for not paying alimony to his girlfriend.

Moreover, he accused Crystal of using the alimony on herself instead of his daughter. He said he would support his daughter himself except for paying alimony to Crystal.

Ceaser Black Ink Crew New Girlfriend – Dutchess Latimore

Ceaser Emanuel’s marital status is still single. He is already 40 years. And he announced in his social media that he doesn’t want a serious relationship.

Ceaser’s new girlfriend is Dutchess Latimore his crew member in the series.

But he was also associated with Karlie Redd. Karlie is a dancer, model, and a hip hop artist. She shared a year with the tattoo artist from 2017. After David broke-up with Crystal, he wanted a new life partner. But it seems like his research for his ideal girlfriend is yet not over. And he also broke up with Dutchess Latimore recently.

Ceaser Emanuel Daughter (Cheyenne)

Ceaser Emanuel’s Daughter is Cheyenne Emanuel. She also appeared in her dad’s show. Moreover, her dad changed his priority. Ceaser started being serious towards his career after she came to his life. Now, he feels that he needs to work hard to make his daughter’s life easier.

Also, Ceaser is focused on his daughter and his shop for now. Cheyenne also faced bullying in her school.

Ceaser Emanuel Daughter’s Age (14 years)

Ceaser’s daughter’s age is 14 years old. She was born on 5th April of 2005. Her parents are not in any relationship now.

Lastly, Cheyenne is studying in 9th grade. She enjoyed her 8th-grade prom with her dad.