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Whenever we tend to speak of any business, we often go with a male. Well, there are a number of successful female entrepreneurs sitting on a higher level than male, but there are a few, being exact.

In such a male dominant scenery, Cathy Engelbert is one who is unarguably one of the successful female businesspeople in American, or even in the world.

Born as Catherine Engelbert, the American native is a business executive, currently serving as the CEO of Deloitte, the US arm of worldwide professional services.

She was appointed as the CEO of Deloitte back in March 2015 and was announced to the Commissioner of the WNBA, the position which she was expected to take over in July 2019.

It was recently revealed, on May 15, 2019, that Cathy would be appointed as the Chairperson for WNBA i.e. Women’s National Basketball Association, effective from July 17, 2019.

WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert  Salary and Net Worth

Cathy Engelbert will take over as the Commissioner of WNBA from July 17, 2019, as revealed by TheWashitngtonPost on May 15.

She takes over as the Commissioner for WNBA, she would be the first person to sit on that position at WNBA.

The association is in its first stages of rebranding with a motive to reach to a wide audience and also to increase its revenue.

Along as the first person to sit on the Commissioner chair at WNBA, Cathy was also the first woman to have led Big Four; Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and KPMG. Big Four is American’s professional service firm that operates on both national and international levels.

The veteran businesswoman first rose as an eminent lady in the business world with Deloitte, which she joined some 30 years earlier as of now, 2019. Cathy will move out from her job as CEO of Deloitte after her position as Commissioner at WNBA comes in implementations, since July 17.

Back when she joined Deloitte, there used to be only a handful of female representatives on a higher order at any firm but as of now, Cathy Engelbert leads one of US’ largest professional service firm that has an annual revenue of over $17.5 billion and around 80,000 employees.

Cathy really is an icon of gender equality.

As one of the successful businesswoman in the world, Cathy must be making a colossal income.

As of now, the details of Cathy Engelbert’s exact net worth and income are still under review.

In 2018, she was ranked as the 18 Most Powerful Women in the World by Fortune.

Cathy Engelbert Husband – Married Life and Kids


Known as one of the most successful female faces in the business world, Cathy Engelbert is also a caring mother.

The Lehigh University graduate is a mother of two children.

However, the details of Cathy Engelbert’s partner or her husband with whom she shares her two children are still unknown.

Despite known to be the one to have commanded the wind for so many years in American business society, Cathy has still managed to keep her personal details low key. So far, there haven’t been any details of her love life and relationships.

Cathy currently lives in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey with her two children.