Casie Colson Baker Age: 10. Casie Colson Baker is the little girl of ‘Bad Things’ famed rapper Machine Gun Kelly born on July 23, 2008, which makes Casie Colson Baker’s present age 10.

She is so young and yet so talented, smart, and stunning for her age that Casie hardly needs no manoevure to seek attention from the audience and media.

Clearly daddy’s princess, Casie is magnificently gorgeous and adorable with heart-warming cute looks, soothing smile, and natural charm.

Casie Colson Baker Height

How tall is Machine Gun Kelly’s Daughter Casie Colson Baker? Casie height as of 2019 is unknown while her dad is 1.92 m tall.

Born with the genes of artistic father Machine Gun Kelly and good looks of mom Emma Cannon, it’s no wonder why Casie looks so spectacular and endearing that it’s so hard to take eyes off of her.

Although she grew up in an insane spotlight, it’s her mild appearance and aura that the paparazzi die to have a glance. Be it on screen or off, Baker always looks spectacular with flawless skin complexion, plump cheeks, wavy brunette locks often pulled up and striking height.

She is just 10 and Casie already has level-up her fashion sense going for a more chic and trendy ensemble to buff up her looks as well as to steal the limelight from her famous dad.

Who is Casie Colson Baker Parents?


Originally from the United States, Casie Colson was born to parents Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon. Her dad is a worldwide accomplished American rapper-turned-actor signed to Interscope and Bad Boy Records.

He promptly rose to fame after his debut album ‘Lace Up’ which reached No. 4 on Billboard 200 chart while sold over more than hundred thousands of copies.

Kelly was in his late teens when first met Emma during a concert of California-based rock band Blink-182 and instantaneously fell in love with each other.

The hit it over right away and began dating each other over the years before Cannon gave birth to their daughter Casie. Shortly after the birth of the little one, the two broke up and move on their separate ways.

Since the split, her father had been romantically linked with a number of A-listed celebs including ‘Bad at Love’ hitmaker Halsey and Rachel Starr. Despite being involved with multiple stars, it was his relationship with the actress-model Amber Rose that had created quite a buzz in social media and tabloid.

How much is the Net Worth of Casie Colson Baker?

She is 10 and Casie has already started to make news in magazines and tabloid so it isn’t far when the little one will seemingly have her own career in the industry.

Being too young to start her own career at the moment, it’s palpable why she hasn’t racked up a net worth of own.

Still, as a daughter of famous rapper and recording artist Machine Gun Kelly, she is likely to inherit his colossal fortune worth $8 million.

Often snapped bonding and mingling with her dad across the city on Kelly’s Instagram, Colson has been a subject in Eminem’s hit single ‘Killshot’ as she was briefly mentioned in the track.

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