Carter Mario Injury Lawyers Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Reviews, Age, Wiki

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Carter Mario Injury Lawyers Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Reviews, Age, Wiki

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Carter Mario (Injury Lawyers) Wife: American attorney Carter Mario of ‘Carter Mario Injury Lawyers’ is a married man. His wife is Cindy Mario.

Cindy works as the marketing director of the firm. The pair have four children from the marriage. Additionally, the couple’s marriage is reportedly stable.

There have not been any reports of divorce or affairs so far.

Carter Mario’s Net Worth

There is no official information relating to Carter Mario’s net worth. Since he is a reputed lawyer and attorney, he probably makes more than enough earnings through his profession.

His salary, as well as the exact net worth, is unavailable. However, people have speculated that he has his net worth in the range of millions of dollars.

Carter Mario’s Daughter, Sons

Carter Mario has a daughter from his marriage. They have named their daughter Alexandra Mario Kreuk.

Alexandra previously followed on her father’s footsteps. She worked at Carter Mario Injury Lawyers from 2006 to 2013. Additionally, she served in the position of marketing associate on the firm.

Alexandra is married to Florian Kreuk. He was previously a legal intern at Carter Mario Injury Lawyers. The exact date of their marriage ceremony is not available at present.

Mario also has two sons: Jake Jones Mario and Luke Carter Mario. Luke has learned a lot from his father’s past wrestling career. He has already been the Class A champion two times.

Carter Mario Injury Lawyers’ Reviews

Carter Mario Injury Lawyers has received an average review from customers. On Facebook, people have rated the firm 4.5 out of five.

In addition, on glassdoor.com, the firm has been rated 3.7 stars out of 5. On indeed.com, the employee ratings have averaged 2.8 stars out of 5.

‘The Waterbury Observer’ named the firm as ‘Best of Waterbury’ several times. In addition, CJ Advertising picked Carter Mario Injury Lawyers as ‘Partner of the Year.’

Carter Mario’s Age (61 Years)

Carter Mario is 61 years of age. He was born on 18, November 2019. In addition, he is from Milford, Connecticut.

With several years in the legal field, Mario has gained experience in most of the aspects of the law. His experience in the field has come from his dedication to his work.

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Carter Mario’s Wiki

Carter Mario got enrolled at a number of prep schools in Massachusetts. At the University of North Carolina, he received a wrestling scholarship.

He was interested in the world of wrestling at a very early age. This helped him attend the University from 1976 to 1981.

Eventually, Mario attended a law degree from Stetson University. After deciding to pursue law in his career, he left his career as a wrestling coach behind. However, he still enjoys watching and teaching wrestling in his free time.

In 1989, Mario founded Carter Mario Injury Lawyers. The firm started with one office in Mario’s home. It now has more than six offices.

The firm mostly focuses on Connecticut personal injury laws. The firm promises every customer a Connecticut accident attorney, a supervisor, and a personal case manager.

An article revealed in 2011 that the firm spent more than $ 2 Million a year for advertising. The number has since then raised. The advertisement is done through billboards as well as multiple awareness programs.