Carole Bouquet | Biography

A French actress and model, Carole Bouquet was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.  Born on 18 August 1957, Carole was raised by her aeronautical engineer father. At the age 3, her mother left her and started to reside in her native village. Though she had to depart from her mother at very small age, she was in regular touch with her and years later discovered that her father had struggled hard for her custody, a little her mom dared not to oppose. She shares her childhood with her older sister. Meanwhile, when Carole was 15, she attended the Sorbonne and continues her education in Philosophy, but later she switched to Paris Conservatory from where she learned acting.

The smoking hot fashion model, Carole, was married to film producer, Jean-Pierre Rassam, her first true love, whom she lost to drug in 1985. The couple gave birth to an adorable baby boy. After the demise of her beloved husband, she was left shattered and alone. Before marrying Jean-Pierre Rassam she was wife of Rodolfo Recrio. In 1992, she decided to get married with Jacques Liebowitch. Her relationship lasts with him for four years. After a year, Gerard Depardieu holds her hands; she started to date him in 1997. The couple spent eight beautiful years of their life together. Fascinating Carole has been accumulating admiration for her natural look since she entered in the glamour world. The beautiful and gorgeous French belle has never been through any plastic surgery to beautify her look as her natural charisma is more than enough to captivate anyone heart. As a model, her dressing sense and beauty has always capture everyone eyes. She is a true definition of flair and elegance.

A strikingly natural beauty who magnetizes attention even as an adolescent, Carole stepped into cinematic world at age of 18 with a large range role in “The Obscure Object of Desire” as a leading artist. From there, she starred opposite Gerard Depardieu in a comedy “Buffet Froid” in 1979. She then portrayed a European journalist alongside Richard Hell in “Blank Generation”. Her most awaited fame comes in the face of bond’s girl in “For Your Eyes Only” in 1981. The movie gave her acknowledgement all around the world. Her strong and breath taking performance in the movie as Melina Havelock left everyone stunned. Though the movie gave her recognition in the Hollywood, she chose to make additional European flicks during the 1980s-1990s, portraying a bothered mental patient in “Day of the Idiots” in 1982 and ostensible prostitute in “Dagger Eyes” an Italian thriller. After returning to her home country, she appeared in French flicks like Jenatsch, Double Messieurs and Le Bon roi Dagobert. She starred in “Too Beautiful for You” a comedic drama in 1989. In the same year her next flick hit the market “Life Without Zoe”.  Though she was busy making name and fame in silver screen, she was as well active in modeling field. She modeled for Chanel No. 5 for 10 consecutive years. She entertain her fans by appearing in the flicks, such as “Dead Tired”, “A Business Affair”, “Tango”, “The Bridge”, “Wasabi”, “Blanche”, “Bienvenue Chez Les Rozes”, “Red Light” and more. In 1997, she delivered her best piece of performance of the decade in “Lucie Aubrac”, where she portrayed a role of audacious wife. Most recently, Carol appeared on screen with “Libre Echange” (2010) and “Unforgiveable” (2011). The hard work of ever so charming Carole Bouquet has been consistently celebrated with countless accolades and commendations bestowed upon her throughout her career. In 1999, Carole was a part of Jury of the fourth Shanghai International Film Festival. In the same ways, she acts as the part of Jury of the sixty-seventh Cannes Film Festival in 2014. 

Lovely and charming actress/model loves to spend her time at her home. By the age of 57, she has more than 47 movies in her credit. Till date she has been successful in captivating her fans heart by her charm and intense performances. She successfully bought toughness, fervor and conviction in her performances with ease. Her fans can follow her in her facebook and twitter. More information including Carole Bouquet’s biography can be found in wiki.