Carol Alt | Biography

American born supermodel Carol Alt might have lost her title of the most famous supermodel in the world to her younger counterparts over the years but she has not lost her pioneering status in the modeling industry. Born on December 1, 1960, Carol was the top supermodel of the 1980s who has graced the fronts of over 700 magazines in her lifetime and has also transitioned into a successful film and television actress. She was dubbed as the world’s most beautiful by Playboy Magazine in 1980 as well as claimed the title of the Next Million Dollar Face according to Life Magazine.

Carol was discovered by a photographer when she was 18. The Queens, New York native was then working as a waitress in Long Island and eagerly accepted the offer so she could pay for college. She did go on to attend Hofsra University but left early to pursue modeling full time. By the time she was 21, she was the reigning queen of modeling in America. At the height of her career, she married Ron Greschner, New York Rangers player in 1984 and remained married to him until 1996. The model revealed years later that they separated because Greschner wanted to have children but Carol couldn’t because of cervical cancer. Shortly after her divorce, she started dating Alexei Yashin, then a forward for Ottawa Senators. They have been together since.

In 1986, Carol was the cover girl for Harper’s Bazzar which proved to be a big development for her career. Previously, she had appeared as a cover girl for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1982 which was only the beginning of her long time reign as the cover girl for as many as 700 magazines. Life Magazine’s Next Million Dollar Face of the 1980s, Carol was one of the most successful models of her time.  She was titled as the Super Elite Model in the Super Elite Division by Elite Models owner John Casablanca. She campaigned for brands like Hanes, Cover Girl Cosmetics, Diet Pepsi and Noxzema. In the late 1980s, she debuted as an actress and starred in a series of Italian movies such as Via montenapoleone, La piu bella del reame, Mortacci, Donna d’onore and Un piede in paradiso. In 1994, she starred in the short television series Thunder in Paradise. She was also seen famously in Private Parts and Revelation in the late 1990s. In 2004, she was seen in the Canadian film, Snakehead Terror and was a cast member of the Italian television series Caterina e le sue figlie 2 in 2007. Her Playboy feature created waves in 2008 for which she had appeared nude. That year she participated in The Celebrity Apprentice where she competed for her brother’s namesake, Tony Alt Memorial Foundation and was able to raise $40,000 before being eliminated. She also participated in the Italian Dancing with the Stars in 2009. An advocate of raw nutrition, Carol in collaboration with the Fox News hosted A Healthy You & Carol Alt in 2013 on which she shared her expertise on raw food nutrition.

Carol has been a devout follower and advocate of raw food nutrition for several years now. Introduced to the diet system during her thirties, Carol credits raw foods to be the reason behind her youthful glow that is visible on her even in her early fifties. She shared her knowledge with her fans in a book Eating in the Raw which was published in 2005. She followed up with The Raw 50 and Easy Sexy Raw in 2007 and 2012 respectively.

Carol Alt is a veteran of modeling. The award winning supermodel maintains her status in the industry as one of the original supermodels. She has been contributing to help spread the word about raw nutrition for many years and is an exemplary figure for a healthy living.