Carmie Sellitto Girlfriend Kate Elisabeth, Sister [ Age ] James Charles, Wiki, Bio

Carmie Sellitto Girlfriend Kate Elisabeth: If you are caught up with the YouTube drama that is currently taking place with regards to YouTuber James Charles, you might have heard of the name Carmie Sellitto and his girlfriend Kate Elisabeth.

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If you only know parts of the story and not the full details, make a guess who might they be.

Yep, you guessed it. Carmie Sellitto is the same guy that James Charles tried to trick into performing sexual acts. Carmie is a YouTube vlogger who hails from London, England. He has been making multiple news headlines after getting involved in the James Charles controversy.

Carmie Sellitto’s Sisters

Carmie Sellitto has two sisters. His sisters have appeared in several of his videos over the years. They are very supportive of Carmie and his career. One of his 2017 videos was titled ‘Truth or Dare with My Little Sister.’

What is Carmie Sellitto’s Age?

Carmie Sellitto is 20 years old. He was born on September 23, 1998, in England and is of British nationality.

His girlfriend Kate Elisabeth is 19 years old. The pair have appeared in several of each other’s videos.

Carmie Sellitto and the James Charles Scandal

News regarding Carmie Sellitto has been a hot topic on the internet for the past few weeks. It all began after Tati Westbrook released a video in which she said that she was ending her relationship with James Charles. This news came as a surprise to many fans.

James and Tati had been together for many years. After James advertised one of Tati’s rival beauty product brands in his YouTube channel, Tati was not happy with it. She decided to separate herself from James Charles and hence released a video in which she explained that she was not together with James anymore.

In the video, Tati revealed that James had made inappropriate moves towards a guy who was not gay or bisexual. This meant that he forced someone to get involved with him even though the guy was straight.

After the news became public, Carmie Sellitto revealed that James Charles had tried to seduce him and he had also made Carmie question his sexuality. James and Carmie met at VidCon. After James was accused of the sexual predatory behavior, he has had his number of YouTube subscribers decrease on a daily basis. So far, he has already lost more than 3 Million subscribers.

James had previously tried to seduce waiter Sam Cooke. This was on February 14, 2019.

Carmie Sellitto’s Wiki, Short Bio

Carmie Sellitto is a popular YouTube personality. His YouTube channel which is named ‘touchdalight’ has more than 500 thousand followers at present. His most recent videos which are related to James Charles has been getting a large number of views.

Just recently, he posted a video titled ‘My Experience Dating James Charles’ which already has more than 800 thousand views at present. He is a member of The Social Climbers. After joining YouTube on January 29, 2012, he posted his first video three days later which was tilted ‘”Don’t Watch This.’

Carmie has stated that he regards Jana Vlogs and Joe Sugg as his favorite YouTubers. He also has a second channel ‘TouchdalightVlogs’ which he launched on in 2011. He shared videos of his private life through his second channel.